Month: May 2020

NEWS: In Deception believe in Forever!

A Post Hardcore quintet from Melbourne Australia who love to fix it up with Metalcore, pop punk and even hip-hop elements, In Deception are building up a head of steam. They’ve released a new single “Forever // Always“, which is their their third since their 2018 EP “Lore” and is Produced, mixed and mastered by

Playthrough: “Forgone” by Imonolith!

The full band playthrough series from Imonolith (Threat Signal, Devin Townsend Project, Methods of Mayhem etc) has now reached week six, which means track six of their 11 track debut album “State Of Being” and “Forgone“. Each member of the band has been filming a full playthrough of the track in their own home before

NEWS: Here At The End break bones with “Tartarus”!

There was a time when the Bay Area was just a Thrash scene but diversity is the spice of life and the skull crushingly anvil heavy Deathcore outfit Here At The End are proving just that. They dropped 5 tracks on Friday entitled “Promethean” and have now thrown a music video for “Tartarus” to those

Playthrough: “Retrospection” by Jinjer!

They may have missed out on a US co-headlining tour with Suicide Silence but back in the practice room, Jinjer sticksman Vlad Ulasevich has recorded playthrough video for “Retrospection“, using a selection of hear from Tama, Zildjian, Promark and Evans. The original version of the track appears on the bands current album “Macro“, which is

Review: “Averse to the Universe” EP by Hex Wound

Taking elements of Black, Death and Extreme Metal and putting them together to create something of haunting atmosphere and crushing intensity, North Carolina based Hex Wound formed in 2019 and unleashed their first plague in the form of single “Void Of Suffering” on the World a year later. Little did we know then but vocalist

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Everlong!

The success of the one time Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl as the frontman and guitarist of Foo Fighters seemed unthinkable back in 1994 but from then until now, he’s proved himself to be an inspiration millions in that capacity in his own right. There’s no doubt that him having been in Nirvana turned people’s heads

Playthrough: “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by JumpScare!

Endorsed by InteremoDeus Clothing, Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare have let rhythm guitarist Vincenzo Mussolino out of the basement¬†to record a guitar playthrough for the title track of their album “Don’t Close Your Eyes“. He’s playing the Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy) custom model Schecter Guitar with their very own Skull Strings and a Kemper

NEWS: Crowmouth get visitation rights?

There is a thriving Metal scene in Nashville Tennessee with Crowmouth being the latest to cross the divide and while their December 2019 debut album “Stagnant Years: The Decline” is still ringing in our collective ears, they’ve dropped “Codependent”, a band new piece of Nu-Deathcore to tickle your taste buds.  

Playthrough: “The Fear Of Sorrow” from Harbinger!

It seems hard to believe but the debut full length from Harbinger reached its 1st Anniversary on 17th May. “Compelled To Suffer” has served them well, taking them to both Bloodstock and Tech-Fest last summer and to celebrate they have put together this guitar and bass playthrough video for “The Fear Of Sorrow” in drop

Playthrough: “Life Is Pain” from Death Blooms!

Single “Life Is Pain” has been doing the arounds for a couple of weeks now with Death Blooms announcing it is the first from their upcoming full length debut. They have inked a deal with Adventure Cat Records for that having set it up nicely with a pair of EPs. Drummer Dean Marshall has smashed