Category: Documentary

Documentary: Behind the scenes of “Mold”!

Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands has been sitting on a stockpile of video footage like someone hoarding for a nuclear winter. Having filmed the video for single “Mold” three years ago, she’s now taken a moment to put a full behind the scenes cut of it out into the World. Which is absolutely fantastic as

Documentary: Psycroptic show off their tour bus!

Filmed outside Reggies in Chicago Illinois on 16th April, Tasmanian (Devil) Death Metallers Psycroptic show off their tour bus before a show with Cannabis Corpse, Gorod and Micawber! They’re currently touring their latest offering “As The Kingdom Drowns” and will be appearing at UK Tech-Fest this summer!

Documentary: Will Putney Signature Guitar?!

Trey from Gear Gods is joined by former The Faceless Guitarist Justin McKinney in this latest clip. McKinney teaches Trey The Zenith Passage track “Deus Deceptor” and the pair go in deep on the signature guitar plugin from STL Tones for the model belonging to the legend that is Will Putney…

Documentary: Guitar Pedals with After The Burial!

After The Burial lead guitarist Trent Hafdahl joined Gear Gods to review a trio of guitar pedals from in a random free for all. They’ll be upon our shores in August with From Sorrow To Serenity and Ghost Iris in support of new album “Evergreen”.

Documentary: Infected Rain talk Tattoos!

Now signed to Napalm Records for a new album, Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands talks about her epic tattoo collection in this documentary. Moldova’s finest export dropped their first new material since 2017’s full length “86” with single “Passerby” in February.  

Documentary: Dehydrated tracking vocals!

Still promising a new EP this month, Serbian female fronted Death Metallers Dehydrated have teased us with this video of Ira tracking some vocals! For those unfamiliar you can check out their past releases over at bandcamp. Maybe that new EP will feature 2018 single “Parallels”.

Documentary: Mixing “Fire By The Silos” by Toska!

In this newly released documentary, Rabea Massaad is joined by Mark Roberts for a Q&A on how he went about mixing “Fire By The Silos” by Toska. Both dudes being multi instrumentalists is bound to have helped! The critically acclaimed instrumental Progressive Metal album from the trio will see them at Radar Festival this summer!

Documentary: Reprogrammed by Hacktivist!

Having unleashed new song “Reprogram”, their first with new (ish) 8 string merchant James Hewitt a couple of weeks back, Milton Keynes Rap DJent crew Hacktivist have let us have a sneak peak behind the scenes of the video shoot. Vocal duo Jot Maxi and J Hurley were both photographed in recording sessions with former