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Documentary: Shokran “Ethereal” episode #3

Vocalist Andrew Ivashchenko from Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran is the focal point of episode #3 of the making of the bands upcoming new album “Ethereal” as the episode focuses in on the recording techniques for the vocal tracking as well as the lyrical content. The album will appear on 8th February with single “Destiny Crucified” out

Documentary: Mixing Kublai Khan live!

Leo Sypniewski has continued his “Behind The Mix” series with an insight into how he built the mix of Kublai Khan‘s set at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio around their rhythm section. If you haven’t already… Check out “Nomad” out now via Rise Records and our review!

Documentary: Shokran “Ethereal” episode #2!

On the subject of February album releases, Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran will be releasing new double album “Ethereal” on 8th! In their build up, they’ve released the second of their studio updates today. This episode focuses around the recording of some of the guitar work. Pre-orders for “Ethereal” are available here.

Documentary: Lords of Trident react to Pop?!

Ever wondered what Metal bands think of Pop music? Madison Wisconsin’s Lords of Trident were locked down by Cole Dockter and forced to watch Pop videos in some sort of CIA inspired experimentation. “Shadows From The Past” the bands seventh studio outing was released back in August. It features a guest appearance from Brittney Slayes

Documentary: Recording and Mixing with Andrew Baena!

Galactic Pegasus guitarist Andrew Baena has given us an insight as to how hew records a mixes for his band and YouTube channel with a mini documentary and tutorial. The Canadian Producer and self confessed Architects fan put out single “Death’s Grip” with Galactic Pegasus at the end of November having only released a 7

Documentary: InVisions Making “Between Me And You”!

York Metalcore quartet InVisions who signed to Attila‘s Stay Sick Recordings for their upcoming February releasing sophomore album “Between You & Me”, have give us an insight into the making of the album with a short “Making of”. The band will join Our Hollow Our Home for a European Mainland tour this Winter.  

Documentary: “Behind The Mix” with Traitors!

Ever wondered how the Pro-Shot bootlegs sound great? Well Leo Sypniewski has summarised his Twitch Stream of the mixing of the earlier released Traitors set from The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio into this short documentary to give you a glimpse into the process he follows in “Behind the Mix”.

Documentary: Shokran on “Ethereal” Pt. #1

Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran have followed up new single “Destiny Crucified” with the first part of their studio sessions for upcoming new album “Ethereal”! Pre-orders for the 8th February release are available here. This episode focuses on the bass recording while also showing off a number of finer pieces of instrumental.

Documentary: “Umwelt” from All My Memories!

French Deathcore crew All My Memories have laid down a fine album in “Umwelt”. Here’s the making of that album that sees a new vocalist, drummer and bassist join the line-up and deliver some of the bands best material to date. Don’t believe us? Check out our review!