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Documentary: Soaring Tour from Infected Rain!

Female fronted Moldovan Metallers Infected Rain have rediscovered some lost documentary footage from their 2016 European tour. So having given it an edit and a polish, nearly an hour’s worth of footage has been cut and pasted together to create the “Soaring Tour” diary! They look so young! No. No they don’t. It was like

Documentary: Arcaeon. Autumn.

Reading & London Progressive Tech-Metal quintet Arcaeon have released a mini tour documentary around their Autumn dates. Now fronted by ex-Sentience vocalist Stuart Sarre, the band continue to work on their full debut album having put out the stunningly beautiful “Balance” EP earlier this year. Don’t believe us? Check out our review. 

Documentary: Mixing with Getgood!

Current (?) Periphery bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood has released the first of a pair of Master Classes in Mixing. Utilizing a could of products including his own Getgood Drums with its Modern & Massive library, which coincidentally is being used by Periphery for their upcoming new record “P4”, he shows you how it’s done.  

NEWS: The HAARP Machine launch crowdfunding campaign!

Just when we thought that The HAARP Machine was dead (again), mastermind and guitarist Al Mu’min has dropped a video clip and launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowd fund find the bands second full length album! To add to that, there are packages that also include an EP with a total of 3 other unreleased tracks.

Documentary: “Tour Life” from Infected Rain!

Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain have released their full summer tour diary “Tour Life” covering their summer fesitfes run. The Lena Scissorhands fronted metallers have been announced as appearing for the first time at With Full Force Festival in Germany June 2019. Their current album “86” is out now.    

Documentary: Monuments at Metal Guitar 2018!

Monuments guitarist duo Olly Steele and John Browne delivered the combination of a Q&A and Master Class at Metal Guitar 2018. You can watch the full 53 minutes below. Having completed their first European tour in support of new album “Phronesis” out now via Century Media, plans are expected for another run before the European Festival

Documentary: Devin Townsend, Analogue Vs Digital!

Released a couple of weeks back, this episode of That Pedal Show sees the dudes deliver a pedal board to Devin Townsend at Minnow Valley Studios in Wales where he’s recording his latest album. The documentary is a fancinating insight into Townsend’s approach to writing and music. He’ll be performing some “Evening with” shows in

Documentary: Episode #5 from Periphery’s “P4”!

It still remains a surprise that after his exit from the band, Adam Nolly Getgood still remains a member of Periphery. The band chose to use his bass tracks live rather than bring in someone new and with new album P4, he is recording his parts in his home studio. The album will appear early