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NEWS: Shokran “Ethereal” album teaser!

Friday 8th February is when the new album from Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran will be appearing everywhere that’s worth getting it from. “Ethereal” may not have had a music video released as yet but following their “Making Of” video series they’ve now provided this 5 minute plus album teaser clip with artwork from Mayhem Project.

Documentary: Leo Moracchioli at Ship Rocked!

Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios in Norway got asked to appear with The Stowaways, a group of guest musicians including Head from KoRn, CJ from Drowning Pool and members of P.O.D. and Black Label Society at Ship Rocked, a cruise from Texas to Mexico. So here’s some footage of the rehearsal and the show!

Documentary: Varials LP #2!

Behind the scenes or the making of album #2, the sequel to “Pain Again” comes from Varials with this 5 minute snippet shot by easterxdaily. It will certainly have to be a fine offering to complete with its predecessor which is out now on Fearless Records.

Documentary: LM7X with Born of Osiris!

Born of Osiris Guitarist Lee McKinney gives us a full run down on his new signature Model LM7X from Kiesel Guitars in this newly released clip. In the video he explains that he used his personal favourite named Sully, as in Monsters Inc. on not only the latest Born of Osiris album “The Simulation” but

Documentary: Shokran “Ethereal” episode #4!

The latest episode of the making of “Ethereal”, the upcoming album from Shokran has landed. This one focuses on Mike Isaev’s kit work during the drum tracking. The album itself will appear on 8th February with pre-orders available here. The question is, will the Russians make it to the UK for the festival season?

Documentary: Periphery Demo Signature Model!

Signature Model Guitars have been all the rage for a fair while now. So it should be no surprise that Jake Bowen from Periphery has his own JBM10FX model Ibanez on the way. In this newly released clip, the man himself demos the guitar playing riffs from “Prayer Position” from the bands current offering “Periphery

Documentary: Shokran “Ethereal” episode #3

Vocalist Andrew Ivashchenko from Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran is the focal point of episode #3 of the making of the bands upcoming new album “Ethereal” as the episode focuses in on the recording techniques for the vocal tracking as well as the lyrical content. The album will appear on 8th February with single “Destiny Crucified” out

Documentary: Mixing Kublai Khan live!

Leo Sypniewski has continued his “Behind The Mix” series with an insight into how he built the mix of Kublai Khan‘s set at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio around their rhythm section. If you haven’t already… Check out “Nomad” out now via Rise Records and our review!

Documentary: Shokran “Ethereal” episode #2!

On the subject of February album releases, Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran will be releasing new double album “Ethereal” on 8th! In their build up, they’ve released the second of their studio updates today. This episode focuses around the recording of some of the guitar work. Pre-orders for “Ethereal” are available here.

Documentary: Lords of Trident react to Pop?!

Ever wondered what Metal bands think of Pop music? Madison Wisconsin’s Lords of Trident were locked down by Cole Dockter and forced to watch Pop videos in some sort of CIA inspired experimentation. “Shadows From The Past” the bands seventh studio outing was released back in August. It features a guest appearance from Brittney Slayes