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Playlist: Rock N’ Roll Racing Soundtrack for 2018!

It’s Monday and you know the drill. 1993 saw the release of a classic video game for the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive in “Rock ‘n Roll Racing”. It’s premise was pretty simple – drive around a 3D track in a seemingly Micro Machine sized car and take every action possible to win –

Playlist: Underground UK Metal.

As a side piece to our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene, here is a playlist of 10 UK Underground Metal bands that are well worth investigating. Seeing as it’s Monday. And it’s time to head home from UK Tech-Fest. Which is all a bit sh*t. Starting off with one of the undoubted

Playlist: Rap Metal.

Metal Injection released a their 10 most underrated Rap Metal songs over this past weekend and it got us thinking. While Rap Metal was something that was arguably started by Anthrax‘s collaboration with Public Enemy, it was generally considered part of the Nu-Metal era sound. So where does that leave it now? Nu-Metal elements have

Playlist: Featuring Bryan Garris from Knocked Loose!

What do¬†Gideon, The Acacia Strain, Stray From The Path, Every Time I Die, Left Behind, Pissed on, Spite, Aesthetics Vs Architecture, Stick To Your Guns & Varials all have in common? They’ve all had Bryan Garris from Knocked Loose appear with them either in the studio or live or both! Seeing as it’s Monday and

Playlist: Highlights from Download Festival 2018!

Monday?! Again?! Yuk! No one likes Monday. Except when it’s a bank holiday and then everyone hates Tuesday! Here is a 22 track deep fan filmed highlight package from Download Festival at Donnington Park last weekend to brighten up your day. And yes Cradle of Filth are opening things up.

Playlist: An Eclectic Tribute to System Of A Down!

Monday? Meh. Another day another dollar. Here’s an electic mix of System Of A Down covers, from the sublime to the rediculous and back again to reflect the madness that is (was?) the band. From The Lounge Kittens, Enter Shikari, Trust Me I’m A Doctor and more. All good fun.

Playlist: Butcher Babies Raraties Collection!

Monday morning is here again. Yuk. Let’s have a random selection of Butcher Babies rarities to lift the spirits (sadly not a bottle of). Carla Harvey joins the Ultimate Jam Night crew at The Whiskey for a cover of “Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead, while Heidi Shepherd does to same for “Bodies” by Drowning Pool.

Playlist: Drinkin’ Songs!

Monday. Yuk. Hungover? Maybe. Here’s 10 songs about drinking. Let’s have some fun. A little bit of hardcore and some hard rock to boot. Riffs a plenty and one thing in common. The love of a shot and a beer.

Playlist: A Tribute to Cro-Mags!

Among the first to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal, New York City’s Cro-Mags are considered to be one of the most influential crossover thrash bands of their time. Their seminal pair of albums in 1986’s “Age Of Quarrel” and 1989’s “Best Wishes” spawned a generation of metallic hardcore bands, including the likes of Biohazard

Playlist: Chaotic Hardcore!

It’s been a while since we did a playlist. And we hate Mondays. So here’s a bit of chaos to get things going. Twelve of the finest chaotic hardcore bands performing twelve of their finest. Leaving no stone unturned. Pedal to the metal. “Trashmouth” by Vanna “Elobarama” by Every Time I Die “Badge & A