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Review: “Super 90” Kadinja

Paris, France is the home of Progressive Tech-Metal quintet Kadinja. The group, comprising vocalist Philippe Charny Dewandre. guitarist duo Pierre Danel and Quentin Godet, bassist Steve Tréguier and drummer Morgan Berthet have reputation for creating Masterpieces and after what seems like forever, their new album is finally with us. Interestingly the trio of music videos that

Review: “Diffidia” EP by Eddie Bunker

Vicenza Italy is the home of Hardcore Punk/Mathcore/Post-Hardcore quintet Eddie Bunker. Comprising Vocalist Michele Somma, Guitarist duo Alberto Biasin and Jacopo Carlotto, alongside a rhythm section of Bassist Francesco Preto Martini and Drummer Marco Zandenego, the band recorded their debut EP in August 2018 with Matteo “Ciube” Tabacco at Raptor studio for a November release. Taking their inspiration from the likes of

“Machina Non Grata” by The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

It’s been nearly 3 years since Mansfield, PA Deathcore quartet The Last Ten Seconds Of Life burst our ear drums with “The Violent Sound”. The band have given a big push to this new release with a European tour that has a run of UK dates with Glaswegian’s Lotus Eater kicking off in Bristol on 24th

Review: “Micro” EP from Jinjer

Perhaps owing more to their Manager and Devildriver frontman Dez Farfara’s wish to keep the band on the road while their stock is high and keep building their fanbase outside of Europe, Jinjer have taken the time out to record and release this new EP entitled “Micro”. The band promised it would be a continuation of the

Review: “Suffer” by Immerse

Released on 7th December via We Are Triumphant, “Suffer” is the debut full length offering from Bristol Post-Hardcore quartet Immerse. That being said, they’re a band with something of a split personality. Bands like A Day To Remember are well known for having a softer side and a heavier side and splitting those songs around

“All Roads Lead to Where You Stand” EP by The Great Lie

Released in July 2018, “All Roads Lead to Where You Stand” by The Great Lie is an EP from a band that should need no introductions. After all, in drummer John LaFatta (Madball, Neglect, Mind Over Matter) the band features a true Hardcore Punk legend. The group is rounded out by former Mind Over Matter bassist, Scott Martin and

Review: “Viaje” by Far Away

Paris Alternative Metallers Far Away have been on musical journey since February 2016. Consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Flo Lemonnier, sticksman/vocalist Loïs Arnaldi, bassist Alexandre Esnault-Sara and vocalist/guitarist Grégoire Débord they have tested their fans with extremes ranging from Death Metal to Soundscape Rock and even Post Rock, which can only mean one thing. Comparisons to Encircling Sea, North 

Review: “Back To The Green Zone” EP by Road Mutant

Rewind back to the end of August 2018. The venue? London’s New Cross Inn. The event? Upsurge Festival. We were lucky enough to witness the debut live performance from a band featuring in their ranks members of This is Colour and The Boy Will Drown. That band? Road Mutant! They launched upon us a blistering Crossover

Review: “Q1” EP by Mind Power

Hailing from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and featuring former members of A Life Once Lost, Dead End Path, Ligeia and Bring The Heat are Mind Power. They’re more easily found via any search using the abrevated Mnd Pwr form of their name! Very much an Underground Metal Supergroup, the band have ambitious plans to release 4x EPs in