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Review: “The Calling” EP by Arkdown

Metal bands from the Steel City otherwise known as Sheffield have a reputation to uphold. Following in the footsteps of Malevolence in taking the UK Underground Metal Scene by the scruff of the neck and delivering it a savage beating are Arkdown. The five piece “Steel City Riff Beast” have created a name for themselves

Review: “Fantasy” by Landmvrks

Marseille, in the South of France is home to Landmvrks, a band who have been steadily improving a glowing reputation for some time now. Arrival of new album “Fantasy” and the announcement of supporting While She Sleeps and Stray From the Path throughout February has come as a coup for them. They might have the least “Metal” cover

Review: “Epiphany” by Napoleon

Exeter’s Napoleon have long been a band with a reputation for making progressive tech-metal with passion and groove like no other. Combining Wes Thompson’s impassioned vocals and phenomenal range with the guitar work of Sam Osborn who manages to get through the work of two guitarists in the live arena, these boys have talent! We haven’t even

Review: “South Yorkshire Pain” by Grave

Released in March with a Mastering and Mixing job from Marcus Moore, Sheffield Hardcore five-piece Grave introduced us to their very own “South Yorkshire Pain”. Having only been around 12 months, how far can the band have come? Well not only have they signed to Meanstreak Management (also the home of Cheapshot and Moralslip) but they’ve also

Review: “Head Cage” by Pig Destroyer

The sixth album from grindcore legends Pig Destroyer dropped a short while ago and we’ve been having too much fun with it to out it down for a review. The Alexandria Virginia five piece have been around a long time and recorded this with influences of Slayer, Dark Angel, The Melvins and Brutal Truth. It’s

Review: “Death of Me” (Deluxe Re-Issue) by Bodysnatcher

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings, the re-release with a huge 5 extra tracks of last year’s “Death of Me” that only had 9 tracks in the first place is a surprise. Yes, Bodysnatcher could have released an EP or built a new album but the decision may have been pre-medicated.

Review: “Geist” by The Browning

Believe it or not, The Browning have been around since 2005 in one form or another, with “Geist” being their 4th full length album in a 13 year career that has also seen them spawn a pair of EPs. The album sees the return of Collin Woroniak to the bands line-up, having departed in 2016, however

Review: “Created Sick” EP by God Complex

Signed to Tone Management and hailing from Liverpool are God Complex, a quartet with a growing reputation for making the sort of Metal that has brought subgenre pioneers Loathe and Lotus Eater to the top of the current crop of bands in the UK Underground Metal scene. “Created Sick” will see the band join King

Review: “In Moment // In Memory” by Our Hollow, Our Home

2019 will be a big year for Southampton Metalcore quintet Our Hollow, Our Home. In self-releasing via their own Hollow Music label, the follow up to 2017’s highly successful “Hartsick” the freshly released “In Moment//In Memory” that were about to review will be not a make or break release, but one which could come pretty

Review: Truant reacts and reviews new Jinjer single “Ape”!

Liverpudlian Truant has been releasing reaction videos for a long time now, his presence at UK Tech-Fest this summer was quite the surprise. His last minute decision to return to “Jinjer Friday” and drop the originally scheduled video reaction and review in favour of the new single “Ape” surprise released today by Ukraine’s finest export