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Review: “Split” EP by Short Fuse 59 & Kalfou

A split EP between Denver Colorado quintet Short Fuse 59 and Pueblo  Colorado quintet Kalfou, both playing on the Beatdown Hardcore genre isn’t one to be missed, especially as Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher appears as a guest on one of the tracks! Recorded by Taylor Hahn at Hahn Audio it’s longest tune clocks in at

Review: “Global Enslavement” by Massive Slavery

After an 8 year hiatus Rouyn Noranda, Québec Melodic Death Metallers Massive Slavery have returned. The socially, politically and environmentally engaged band may not have announced their new line-up as yet but it’s sure to leak if they hit the stage before anything official appears. They’ve been fighting with their former label Maple Metal Records

Review: “The Language of Injury” by Ithaca

Following a pair of EPs in 2014’s “The Narrow Way” and 2015’s “Trespassers”, Sam Jones, James Lewis, Will Sweet, Drew Haycock and Djamila Azzouz saw their hard work pay off with their 1st February released and critically acclaimed album “The Language of Injury”. Soaked in feedback “New Covenant” starts things off with a marching drum

Review: “Expansion of Reality” EP by Grim Existence

Hailing from of all places Newton Abbot Devon are a five piece Metal band that are in equal measure Hardcore, Death Metal and Trash and looking to bring devistation to the nation by painting your town red after a 4 year absence. Recorded in January 2019 by Rich Robinson at Big Red Studios (RIP), “Expansion

Review: “Nothing’s Changed” EP by Rot

One that we missed from back in January, “Nothing’s Changed” is a 2 track release from Rot, a Hardcore band from Twin Cities Minnesota. The quartet consist of vocalist Arrold Walton, drummer Alex Wells, bassist Jake Watson and guitarist Michael FritzKapps. Kicking things off with some Jack Hammer kit work and vocal ferociousness, the socially

Review: “Divides” EP by Abandoned Humanity

Divides is the first release by Abandoned Humanity, a Moscow Russia based Progressive Death Groove Metal band comprising of Denis Bondarev on guitars and vocals, Artem Gorokhov on bass guitar and vocals and Denis Pevunov on Drums and Programming. “Divides” brings a classic Metal rising repeating riff and pull to the introduction that has hints

Review: “The Edge of the End” by Tigerleech

Formed in January 2013 as the meeting of 4 experimented musicians coming from different bands, styles and genres are Tigerleech. Gathered around the stoner and sludge metal stylings, the band produces a powerful dynamic with a fat greasy sound inspired by Metal, Hardcore and Seventies Heavy Rock. A couple of EPs in their career down,

Review: “Stampede” by (hed)p.e.

Taking Disturbed frontman David Draiman’s insistence on writing all of his social media in capitals which suggests shouting one step further and removing the spaces between the words of the song names of new album “Stampede” to suggest shouted and obvious subliminal messages controlling our lives, (hed)p.e. continue to share their love for a good

Review: “Kinahmia” EP by Goatskullt

“Kinahmia” is an ancient Finnish term, meaning the knowledge of the portal between different levels of existence; and this is a perfect definition for this release, a portal descending from furious riff-driven neon temples towards the more atmospheric temples of the old. It’s also the title of the second offering from Goatskullt, a three piece Black Metal

Review: “Distrust” EP by VileGloom

Perhaps a new sub-genre of Metal is dawning with VileGloom calling themselves a Nu-Downtempo styled group. The Lebanon Oregon based group claim to fuse that classic eerie low and slow style with some newer groove elements and Nu-Metal introspective lyrics. Which is kind of what the Gloom sub-genre is all about. Not that sub-genres matter