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Spotlight: The Labels That Saved Our Lives!

Kerrang! Magazine have written an article about 11 American Record Labels that made us fall in love with the sound. It’s an interesting list with the Christmas Listmania season fast approaching and uses some of the finer albums to make its point. Notable absentees include Roadrunner Records, though it has to be said their influence

Spotlight: The Return of Static-X!

Having taken the time to digest the¬†announcement that the remaining members of the original line-up of Static-X (Bassist Tony Campos, Drummer Ken Jay & Guitarist Koichi Fukuda) are reforming the band to record a new album “Project Regeneration” and tour the World for the 20th Anniversary of “Wisconsin Death Trip”, it’s time we talked about

NEWS: Tony Campos announces NEW Static-X album!

As the 20th Anniversary of “Wisconsin Death Trip” will be 2019, the original members of Static-X are reuniting to record a new album entitled “Project Regeneration”. The album and a 20th Anniversary World Tour will be a tribute to the much loved and dearly departed Wayne Static, who passed away on 1st November 2014 of

NEWS: Kerrang! Go Evil with 50.

You’d think they’d have left it until Halloween but Kerrang! Magazine have continued the Listmania season with their Mammoth 50 Most Evil Songs Ever! It’s an interesting read, even if there is no place for any Type O Negative or Wednesday 13. The variety however is present with everyone from Slipknot to The Beatles appearing

Spotlight: Solidarity in Metal

Having had some $20,000 plus worth of Merch and Gear stolen while on tour in the US, Chicago Illinois Harms Way announced a Go Fund Me campaign as well as asking fans to help out by purchasing Merch to get them over the debt hurdle and keep them on the road. Amazingly, the campaign has

Spotlight: Metal Hammer go with 50 of the Best…

Listmania is back again with Metal Hammer posting their list of “The 50 Best Riffs Ever”. The format is an interesting one with current Metal Scene musicians talking about each pick. There are more than a few surprises in the Subgenre and generation spanning list which sees the likes of Progressive Tech-Metal pioneers SikTh alongside

Spotlight: Mosh Pits #1

According to recent research, we Heavy Metal fans follow some strict “mosh pit ettiquette”. Did we really need someone to get paid to go to shows and observe fans getting in the pit to their favourite tracks? Sounds like someone has more money than sense. You can read the full article here. Videos like this

Spotlight: Blackhand’s Matchstick Fire Art!

What’s more Metal than a skull? A burning skull! Blackhand used 10,000 matches to recreate a Ghost Rider style skull. Apparently it’s better to burn out than fade away, so there is nothing else to do but light it up! After watching the clip, why do we feel like putting on “Deathrider” by Anthrax¬†?!

Spotlight: Black Metal Werewolf on Subgenres!

Metal Subgenres. Like films or books or anything else you like to think of… Breakfast Cereals?! We like to categorise our Metal. Maybe to help people understand what a band sound like if they haven’t heard them before. Some fans are like “it’s all just Metal” and some bands are like “we don’t want to