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Throwback: “Punishment” by Biohazard!

Monday?! Ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s time for a Throwback… …Hailing from Brooklyn New York and infusing Hardcore Punk, Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop elements since 1987 are the legends that are Biohazard! In 1992 the band recorded their second album “Urban Discipline” with Roadrunner Records and gained the most played music video on

Throwback: “Ether” from Nothingface!

Formed in 1993 the much loved Washington DC based band Nothingface are the subject of this morning’s throwback. In 2003 they dropped album “Skeletons” with production from Bill Kennedy (Megadeth, Danzig, Monster Magnet). Having enjoyed success with single “Bleeder” from their previous album, being invited to join Ozzfest seemed like it was going to take

Throwback: “Nightmare” by Dry Kill Logic!

Westchester County New York quartet formerly known as Hinge and forced to rename due to another band of the same name, Dry Kill Logic were picked up by Roadrunner Records and dropped “The Darker Side of Nonsense” in 2001 as their major label debut. It went on to shift 100,000 copies and see them join

Throwback: “District” from Sick of it All!

In the spirit of last night’s EMP sponsored The Persistence Tour, which was cracking good fun, we’re going to pay tribute to Queens New York Hardcore Punks Sick of it All!  Throwing back nearly 20 years to their Mike Pappa Directed, animated and designed video for “District” from 2000’s “Yours Truly”! Not only is it

Throwback: “Trashmouth” from Vanna!

Seeing as it’s Monday we’re not going to throwback too far. Just to 2010 and the much missed Vanna. A Hardcore Punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that managed an impressive 13 year stint before calling it a day in December 2017. Their 6 album and 7 EP discography is impressive stuff with personal favourite “The Few

Throwback: “Forever” from Throwdown!

Monday. Meh. Throwing back to 2003 and the emerging Orange County California scene that saw a wealth of Hardcore and Metalcore bands rise to prominence on the Global stage. Dave Peters took the vocal position from Keith Barney at the end of 2002, Throwdown recorded “Haymaker” an album that launched the band via Trustkill Records.  

Throwback: “The Rising End” from Zao!

Seeing as it’s Monday and no-one likes Monday, here’s a throwback tune to get the blood pumping into those weekend alcohol drenched veins. From 2004’s “The Funeral Of God” released by the now departed Ferret Music, “The Rising End” from Zao. Love that riffage. The Pittsburgh West Virginia Metalcore band have been around in various