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Throwback: “Disaronno Lips” from Carcer City!

So seeing as it’s Monday and we all hate Mondays (well at least those of us who have to go to work to pay those bills), it’s time for another Throwback tune of yesterday gone by and a trip down memory lane’s yellow brick road. We’re not going to throw back as far as usual

Throwback: “Do What I Say” by Clawfinger!

Norwegian and Swedish Rap Metallers Clawfinger came to the fore as a band that used anti-racist and politically aware lyrics to push the envelope of their message to fans. Seven studio albums between 1993 and 2007 brought the still active band around the World. Sixth single “Do As I Say” famously uses the voice of

Throwback: “The Worst Is Yet To Come” by Still Remains!

Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore heroes Still Remains are the subject of this week’s Monday thrownback track from yesterdays gone. Still very much alive and working on a 4th studio album, the band have always had a special place here in the UK. Leaping back 14 years to May 2005, their debut full length album “Of

Throwback “Snot” by Snot!

What?! Monday?! Again?! How did this happen?! Alright… After last week’s break in the scheduled program for an impromptu tribute to the late Keith Flint, otherwise known as frontman of The Prodigy, we figured it was time to thrownback and pay tribute to another fallen hero. Santa Barbara California alternative Metal band Snot formed in

Throwback: “Firestarter” from Sepultura!

In tribute to Keith Flint, who sadly took his own life last week, we have decided to forgo the usual thrownback and instead rewind to Rock In Rio 2018. Brazilian Metal Masters Sepultura took the stage with percussion group Les Tambours du Bronx for a stunningly good version of The Prodigy classic  “Firestarter”. This version

Throwback: “Screamager” by Therapy?

Northern Irish sometimes trio, sometimes quartet Alternative Hard Rockers Therapy? released “Troublegum” back in 1994 and shot themselves into the limelight. Directed by Jon Klein the promotional music video for highlight “Screamager” was one of seven music videos from the album that a decade after it’s release was named the best album of 1994 and ranked

Throwback: “Punishment” by Biohazard!

Monday?! Ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s time for a Throwback… …Hailing from Brooklyn New York and infusing Hardcore Punk, Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop elements since 1987 are the legends that are Biohazard! In 1992 the band recorded their second album “Urban Discipline” with Roadrunner Records and gained the most played music video on

Throwback: “Ether” from Nothingface!

Formed in 1993 the much loved Washington DC based band Nothingface are the subject of this morning’s throwback. In 2003 they dropped album “Skeletons” with production from Bill Kennedy (Megadeth, Danzig, Monster Magnet). Having enjoyed success with single “Bleeder” from their previous album, being invited to join Ozzfest seemed like it was going to take