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“Bonkers” by Nekrogoblikon
“9-13” by Iron Monkey
“Created Sick” by God Complex

Live Reviews:

Pitchshifter w/Earthtone9

Stick To Your Guns w/Counterparts & Employed To Serve

Where Are They Now?:

It Dies Today


Ongoing Features:

Monday Playlist – Who likes Monday?! Seriously?

Vs. Tuesday – Two bands go head to head performing their versions of a well known song!

Riff Police! Pull Over!¬†– One band gets “Influenced” by another?

The Black Map РOur journey around 69 UK cities, profiling one of their lesser lights of heaven!

Where Are They Now? – A band who you heard back in the day? Where are they now?

Throwback Thursday Review – Throwing back to albums of yester-year on a Thursday. Why not?

The Artwork That Should Not Be – A look at album cover art for all the wrong reasons