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Albums Reviewed by Submission in 2019


“Back To The Green Zone” EP by Road Mutant
“Viaje” by Far Away
“All Roads Lead To Where You Stand” EP by The Great Lie
“Diffidia” EP by Eddie Bunker
“Promo 2019” EP by Ritual Bash
“Get Lost” by Wandering Vagrant


“Human” by Derelict Dream
“Cult of The Like” by By Will Alone
“Societal Sects” EP by Kinkshamer
“Worships” by Without Skin
“New Beginnings” EP by Median Insight
“Endless” by Scarlet Dress
“Metamorphosis” EP by Chrysarmonia
Sink or Swim” EP by Luca


“Rock Bottom” by Scream Blue Murder
“Wheel of Fortune” by Terrific Verdict
“As Summer Dies” by Hartsbane
“Away From Black Days” by Nonsense
“Self titled” EP by Progeny of Sun
“at odds” EP by atWood


“Hate Delivery” by Feelament
“Very Heepy Very Purple VIII” by Avi Rosenfeld
“Aligned to the Grid” by Godhead Machinery
“Relics” by SixStringNoise
“Kingdom of Mine” EP by Blutfeld
“Breathe” EP by Downfall
“Wheel of Time” EP by Kavoid
“An Cath (The Battle)” EP by Dratna


“Last Standing Village” EP by God’s Bastard
“Dragon of the Ages” by Grimgotts
“Non Flesh Scarring” by Ovaryrot
“Self Titled” EP by Absalom
“Self Titled” by Inhuman Nature

Albums Reviewed by Submission in 2018

“Moon Phases” EP by Dizorder
“Orias” EP by Prey Upon
“Clair Obscur” by It Came From Beneath
“Umwelt” by All My Memories
“Master Of Giallo” by Obszön Geschöpf
“Holes” by Unleash the Pain