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Spotlight: What If I Never Listened To Metal?

When strange things happen, do you ever think you’ve somehow been trapped in the Twilight Zone? In this latest short from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf, he poses the question “What if I never listened to Metal?”. Shudder to think. Metal isn’t just music, it’s a lifestyle choice. So not listening to Metal? That’s like… Not

Spotlight: Black Metal Werewolf on Subgenres!

Metal Subgenres. Like films or books or anything else you like to think of… Breakfast Cereals?! We like to categorise our Metal. Maybe to help people understand what a band sound like if they haven’t heard them before. Some fans are like “it’s all just Metal” and some bands are like “we don’t want to

Skit: From Black Metal Werewolf…

It’s a familiar scenario for most Metal Heads. You don’t intent on buying any merch but… They’re a small band, you want to help them out, the ticket was cheap… And you’ve had a couple of beers. So you buy a tee. The next time they’re in town you want to fish out that tee