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Playthrough: “Hellworld” from The Stygian Complex!

“As it all ends and finally begins, you will be staring at the devil, Your life in his hands, you have nowhere to go… He will take you and your soul and down to hell you’ll f***ing go…” Is it even possible to have a vocal playthrough? The Stygian Complex believe so. They’ve let vocalist

NEWS: The Stygian Complex Worship Death!

“Just when you thought you had it figured out, another wave of terror comes crashing down…” That wave of terror comes in the form of “Death Worship“, a brand new song from Lexington North Carolina Deathcore brutes The Stygian Complex! They’ve announced their sophomore album “Tartarus” will be the storm cloud on your horizon come

Review: “Obsidian” by Viscera

If they’re not already on your radar, then here’s what you need to know about Viscera. In their ranks are members and former members of Heart Of A Coward, Sylosis, Nervecell, Surfaces, Martyr Defiled and Abhorrent Decimation in vocalist Jamie Graham, guitarist Ross McLennan, bassist David Archer, drummer Alex Micklewright and guitarist Adam Bell. As experienced players

NEWS: Viscera streaming “Delilah”!

For those not in the know, Viscera are a super group who are about to blow your mind with their debut offering “Obsidian“. Available for pre-order here, the album will appear on 6th March via Unique Leader Records with new song “Delilah” premiering today. Super group? In their ranks are members and former members of

NEWS: Viscera get “Immersed In Ire”!

One of the most anticipated albums in Q1 of 2020 is without a doubt the debut from Viscera. Rearing it’s ugly head on 6th March via Unique Leader Records and going by the name “Obsidian“, it sees the band on tour with Decapitated raiding across Europe in March and at this summer’s incarnation of Tech-Fest.

Review: “Human Scum” by Detest

Mixed and Mastered by Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell at Kascade Mixing And Mastering and with Artwork by Ash Michael Fenlon, Manchester Beatdown Hardcore crew Detest – Vocalist Christian Tustin, Guitarist duo Sam Morris and Luke Lomas alongside a rhythm section of Bassist Joey Whitehurst and Drummer Laurence Toms-Arbel – dropped “Human Scum” back

The Black Map #87: Violent from Edinburgh!

It’s Sunday morning so whether you’re reading this nursing a hangover, eating a cooked breakfast or knitting your latest blanket, we don’t judge. Heading from Detest in Manchester to the heart of Scotland and Edinburgh to check out some Downtempo Deathcore groove, we’ve got something to recommend that  you’ll want to out your hot cup

Review: “The Morality Model” EP by Capital Murder

Mixed & Mastered by Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell of Kascade Mixing And Mastering and with artwork by Jorden Bergman and Dan Loewen, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadians Capital Murder blend Metal and Hardcore to create their sound. We first heard “Detox” when it premiered via the Slam Worldwide channel but interestingly the EP doesn’t include

NEWS: Artificial Pathogen tap up Ben Mason!

Artificial Pathogen, a 5 piece Deathcore Slam band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and Canada have “The Plagueborne Chronicles” in the works for an early 2020 appearance. The album has been Mixed & Mastered by Bound In Fear Guitarist Kier Campbell. Perhaps they used him to get into contact with Ben Mason who appears on first