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NEWS August Burns Red to set November alight!

The Anniversary Tour is now a firm favourite among Metal Heads, especially when a band have ground to make up following a poor album. That can’t be said for the mighty August Burns Red. They’ve announced a huge run of dates around the globe for the 10 Years of “Constellations” and will bring Erra and Currents

Interview: Currents talk Local Metal Scene!

Vocalist Brian Willie and Guitarist Chris Wiseman from Connecticut’s Nu-Metalcore with a hint of Tech-Metallers Currents talk about the local Metal scene in episode #3 of their interview series around their recently released EP “I Let The Devil In”. It’s out now via SharpTone Records. Check out our review!

Metal Noise TV: December 2018!

December brought 54 Epic Metal Videos to Metal Noise TV from Justice For The Damned, Dematerialize, Alpha Wolf, Captives, Blue Felix, Love Lost, Sumo Cyco, InVisions, Holehearted, Dagger Threat, Carnifex, To The Rats And Wolves, Kadinja, Dehyrated, Winds of Plague, Born from Pain, Infected Rain, Sins Of Jezebel, Currents, This Wild Life, Acaedia, Judiciary, Blood

Review: “Self-Titled” EP by Dematerialize

Signed to Famined Records, the home of Harmed, are Illinois quartet Dematerialize. The band promise to “make use of relentless chugs, melodic sweeps and atmospheric keys to mercilessly pound the listener into submission” in their mission statement. Them be bold words. Soaked in high energy fury “Ephemeral” uses some Metalcore lead guitar work underpinned by

“I Let The Devil In” EP by Currents

Hailing from Connecticut, Currents have toured the World over with their previous Nu-Metalcore fused DJent-isms with their previous release and full debut album “The Place I Feel Safest”. Signing to SharpTone Records for prior to that gave the band a huge push and the group, consisting of Vocalist Brian Willie, Guitarists Chris Wiseman & Raya Castaldi, Bassist

Interview: Currents on “I Let The Devil In” #4!

Somehow SharpTone Records have managed to leap from Episode #2 to Episode #4 of the interview series with Currents vocalist Brian Willie and guitarist Chris Wiseman around the bands new release “I Let The Devil In”. No matter – this one focuses on the bands decision of release an EP at this career point after the

Interview: Currents talk Touring!

Having released their new EP “I Let The Devil In” via SharpTone Records this past Friday, Connecticut’s Currents have put out a second interview around it in which vocalist Brian Willie and gutarist Chris Wiseman talk about touring life. There is a review of the EP on its way. Stay tuned.

NEWS: Acaedia release “I”!

Hailing from Miami Florida, Metalcore quartet Acaecia have released a brand new single entitled “I”. It follows up the bands 2017 EP “Void” which has seen them share stages with the likes of Fit For A King and Currents.

Interview: Currents talk “I Let The Devil In”!

Due to arrive on 14th December via SharpTone Records, Currents new EP “I Let The Devil In” is seen as a make or break for the band that have relentlessly toured in support of their debut full length “The Place I Feel Safest”. Following the release of a music video for single “Into Despair”, in

NEWS: Rob Scallon goes Mario!

Following in the footsteps of Currents, Rob Scallon has not only learned the classic Nintendo NES Super Mario theme song, but he’s only gone and got a guitar that is made out of a classic NES console! It doesn’t get much better than this!