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Review: “Dankosaurus” by Hunt The Dinosaur

It’s been a glacial wait but the debut full length album from Dallas Texas Progressive Deathcore band Hunt The Dinosaur is finally here! When we say that it’s been an ice age, it’s been 5 long years since their self titled debut EP, though to be fair, having started out as pretty much a solo project

Review: “Desolation” EP by Portals

Bloomington Illinois quartet Portals have been around for 5 years now with their debut “The Empty” appearing in 2015. The group, who feature vocalist Aris Hess, guitarist James McHenry, drummer Bill Kaszubowski and bassist Scott McGinnis have their guitarist to thank for Mixing and Mastering this sophomore effort “Desolation” and bassist for re-amping the guitars. A

Review: “Societal Sects” by Kinkshamer

NSFW band Kinkshamer make Progressive Metalcore around themes and concepts designed to put you, the listener outside of your comfort zone. Hailing from Pomona in Los Angeles County, California and currently comprising of duo vocalist Riley Rowe (who you may know as a Metal Injection writer and Famined Records PR dude – Famined Records being

Review: Self-Titled EP by Hunt The Dinosaur

Dallas, Texas Progressive Deathcore crew Hunt The Dinosaur have been around since 2010 with this, their self titled debut 5 track EP appearing in 2014. Since then, the band have put out a series of cover songs and singles while advertising their *coming soon* full length debut “Dankosaurus” back in 2017. There seems to be a bit

NEWS: Kissing Candice drop Michael Jackson cover….

Long Island New York’s Kissing Candice (ex-Dr Acula) have surprise released an industrial cover of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Whether the band would be in contention for the song appearing on the next Punk Goes Pop release from Fearless Records would be questionable but for now, their current EP “Safe Word” is out via Stay

Listmania: 5 Party Metal Video’s!

Kerrang! Magazine recently published a “Big List of Music Videos in which the  band dies” article, which you can read here. That kind of got us thinking… Seeing as it’s summer and the Pop Music channels are flooded with the latest one hit wonder at a Pool Party in the video, how many Metal bands

Playlist: Rap Metal.

Metal Injection released a their 10 most underrated Rap Metal songs over this past weekend and it got us thinking. While Rap Metal was something that was arguably started by Anthrax‘s collaboration with Public Enemy, it was generally considered part of the Nu-Metal era sound. So where does that leave it now? Nu-Metal elements have

Throwback Thursday: “S.L.O.B.” by Dr Acula from 2005

Long Island, New York gave birth to Dr Acula in 2005. Their ever changing line-up spawned many other bands, including Kissing Candice before they finally ran their course in 2012 (2015 reunion show aside) with lead guitarist Bill Graffeo being the only member to take in the entire ride. Their debut full length, entitled “S.L.O.B”

Bootleg: Dr Acula’s 10 Year Reunion Show from 2015!

Deathcore’s original wet dream Dr Acula‘s 10-year reunion show, commemorating the formation of the original band, from October 3rd 2015 in Long Island, NY.  It featured an original line-up of Bill Graffeo (lead guitar), Bert Vegas (vocals, keyboards), Rob Accardi (vocals), Mike Cosentino (drums), Lou Figurito (guitar, bass), and Rob Guarino (guitar, bass).