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Review: “Fleshless King” by Shxttered

A one man multi instrumentalist project which sees Christian Davila joined by vocalist Caleb McLaren Foster and a couple of special guests, Shxttered hail from Southern Florida and claim to have a sound that lives in the space between Deathcore and Slam. So that would be… Post-Deathcore then? This full debut album, a 9 track

NEWS: Trolling The Dead with A Fleshless King? It can only be Shxttered!

Finally! A release date for “Fleshless King” by Shxttered!¬†The Demon summoning South Florida Deathcore one man band with a guest vocalist continues to push boundaries with “Troll The Dead”. Joined by Caleb Foster for this cut, it’s a demonstration of the vicious intent shown with previous cuts “Dark World” featuring Chris Whited of Bodysnatcher and

NEWS: Cabin Boy Jumped Ship joined by Fronzak!

How many guest appearances can a vocalist clock up? Chris Fronzak of Attila must have reached 3 figures by now with the likes of Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin, CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder and CJ McCreery of Lorna Shore all working towards all working towards that unlikely of goals. This time around

Playthrough: “Darkest Spawn” by Lorna Shore!

Surely it can’t be long before New Jersey’s Outerloop Records signings and Deathcore heavyweights Lorna Shore announce a release date for a new album? The handful of singles with new vocalist and former Signs of the Swarm man CJ McCreery at the helm have certainly been fine tasters. In the meantime drummer Austin Archey has

NEWS: Left To Suffer share their “Burden”

Continuing an impressive run of guest vocal appearances, CJ McCreery of Lorna Shore (ex-Signs of the Swarm) has joined Atlanta Georgia natives Left To Suffer for their debut single “Burden”! They love Tattoos, Alcohol, getting stoned and writing heavy music… and no vocalist Taylor Barber is no relation to Chelsea Grin frontman Tom Barber.

Review: “Sacred Tongues” EP by Betrayer (US)

Recorded by Dunamis Dynamics Studios and then Mixed and Mastered by Sonic Assault Studios, Winchester¬†West Virgina Downtempo Deathcore crew Betrayer have put together a six track EP entitled “Sacred Tongues” to introduce themselves to the World. They’ve actually been at the game since 2016 and it should also be mentioned that there is a track

Playthrough: “The Wolf” from Chelsea Grin!

Another cut from their set at The Regent in Los Angeles California, here’s drum cam footage of Chelsea Grin sticksman Pablo Viveros playing “The Wolf”. If you haven’t heard their first album with former Lorna Shore frontman Tom Barber at the helm, it’s called “Eternal Nightmare” and well worth checking out!

Playthrough: “Across The Earth” from Chelsea Grin!

Filmed on Drum Cam at The Regent In Los Angeles California, here’s a playthrough of “Across The Earth” from Chelsea Grin sticksman Pablo Viveros. “Eternal Nightmare”, the bands current album and first with former Lorna Shore frontman Tom Barber, is out now via Rise Records.

Review: “Self-titled” EP from Murkov

Having someone that looks like Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Batman nemesis Scarecrow gracing the cover of your self titled EP could be a reference to Evil, your Mental State or the style of your band. South West Florida natives Murkov have done exactly that with their Forerunner Recordings release. So let’s check it out. “Ruminations”