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Riff Police! Pull Over! #50: Gojiria Vs Wednesday 13!

It might seem highly unlikely but what are the chances of French Progressive Death Metal outfit Gojiria being an influence on Wednesday 13 guitarist Roman Surman? Back in 2008, The French titans released “The Way of All Flesh” with the help of former Machine Head and current Once Human guitarist Logan Mader who not only

Bootleg: More Vio-lence in Oakland!

Having released the Pro-Shot footage of Vio-lence performing “Eternal Nightmare” yesterday, Iron Serbian from Capital Chaos TV has now released footage of “T.D.S.”, “Paraplegic” and a cover of “A Lesson In Violence” by Exodus that features a guest appearance from Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt! It’s a thrashterpiece ladies and gentlemen! All the footage

Bootleg: “Eternal Nightmare” from Vio-lence!

Wondering where the now former Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel went to after his stint in Oakland California’s finest? The answer is that he re-joined Vio-lence, a band that both he and Robb Flynn both appeared in before Machine Head existed. The 2019 incarnation of Vio-lence sees the San Francisco Bay Thrashers featuring 4 of

Review: “Gamechanger” by Sworn Enemy

Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to take a step forward. It’s taken 5 long years for Queens New York Metallic Hardcore crew Sworn Enemy to make “Gamechanger”, an album that is produced by Robb Flynn of Machine Head and engineered, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren, famous for his work

Documentary: Machine Head Round Table!

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn announced yesterday the 25th Anniversary Tour for the bands seminal 1994 debut album “Burn My Eyes” with original guitarist Logan Mader (now in Once Human) and drummer Chris Krontos in the fold. Also announced was a live in the studio recording of the album as a one take warts and

Review: “Conspiracy” by The Raven Age

Comprising vocalist Matt James, axe wielding duo Tony Maue and George Harris and a rhythm section of sticksman Jai Patel and bassist Matt Cox, The Raven Age hail from Harlow in Essex. Following their debut full length “Darkness Will Rise” in 2017 and winning the ‘Best New Band 2017’ at the Planet Rock Awards, the band

Spotlight: New Machine Head Album?

Kerrang! Magazine are asking what 9 things we want from the upcoming new Slipknot album in a recently released article here which makes for interesting reading. Coupled with the news that Robb Flynn has announced Machine Head as being “working on new heaviness” this week, it kind of got us thinking… What would we hope

Riff Police! Pull Over! #45: Machine Head Vs Hate Force!

Often talked about, much loved and much panned, Oakland Californian Robb Flynn fronted Machine Head have released more than their fair share of diamonds over the years. Many would argue that their debut full length “Burn My Eyes” is a not only a stone wall classic, but an album that the band haven’t bettered. Seeing