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The Black Map #58: Broken Down from Sheffield!

The Steel City is famous for a lot of things. But strictly in Metal terms, While She Sleeps and Malevolence are now not only UK household names but growing in Global reputation. Crawling out from their shadows are Beatdown Hardcore crew Broken Down whose upcoming EP “Path of Terror” holds much promise. Not least because killer

Bootleg: Malevolence at Fury Fest!

Pro-Shot by Sean Pitcam at Fury Fest at Manchester Rebellion on 13th April, here’s a full set from Sheffield Shredders Malevolence! It was billed as a Northern Exclusive performance so… Who knows what that means for the bands touring schedule for the remainder of the year? What we do know is Fury Fest 2020 already has

Bootleg: Darkest Hour in Holland!

Washing DC’s Darkest Hour are currently on the “Death To False Metalcore Tour” around Europe with Misery Signals, Unearth, Left Behind and our very own Malevolence! We had the pleasure of catching them at ULU in London on Saturday and from the following night at Trivoli in Utrecht Netherlands, here are “The Sadist Nation” and

NEWS: Serve want you to “Fester”!

Hailing from Utrecht Netherlands are a Hardcore band inspired by our very own Malevolence and God Complex. Releasing this debut single and accompanying video for “Fester”, it’s easy to see why Serve are on our radar! Specialising in punishingly brutal riffs and furious lyrics, hopefully they will be upon our shores for some live dates

Bootleg: Darkest Hour in Brooklyn New York!

Darkest Hour will join Unearth, Misery Signals and Left Behind upon our shores in March with the European leg of the “Death To False Metalcore” Tour. Here’s just short of an hour’s Pro-Shot footage from their 16th November set at Kingsland in Brooklyn New York. Oh and while the poster says Malevolence on it, the

Bootleg: Malevolence in Sheffield!

Courtesy of David Tan, here’s a full Pro-Shot set from Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield. The home of Malevolence. 65 minutes of pure Metal violence as the Sheffield Shredders celebrate the 5 year anniversary of “Reign of Suffering” in 4K! The band will play a “Northern Exclusive” in April when they headline the debut of

NEWS: Fury Fest 2019 line-up announcement!

Taking place at Manchester Rebellion on 13th April, Fury Fest in association with MLVLTD have announced and incredible line-up for their debut 2019 incarnation of the one dayer! Sheffield Shredders Malevolence will headline alongside… MALEVOLENCEBLACK TONGUETRC FALLBRAWLGuilt Trip LOTUS EATERGUNISHMENTSlopeStreet SoldierGod ComplexIn CloverScrew Loose  

NEWS: Love Lost are “Unlovable”!

Chicago Illinois crew Love Lost have pursuded Malevolence frontman Alex Taylor to add to his growing list of guest appearances by getting him to drop some seriously heavy vocals on their new track “Unlovable”. This one is also available for free over at bandcamp.

Review: “The Calling” EP by Arkdown

Metal bands from the Steel City otherwise known as Sheffield have a reputation to uphold. Following in the footsteps of Malevolence in taking the UK Underground Metal Scene by the scruff of the neck and delivering it a savage beating are Arkdown. The five piece “Steel City Riff Beast” have created a name for themselves