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Bootleg: Nekrogoblikon in London!

So there could well be a new Nekrogoblikon album in 2020 to follow up the bat s*** crazy “Welcome To Bonkers“. Pro-Shot by Hotel-Radio.com at Camden Underworld on 15th January 2020, here’s their full 70 minute set including such timeless classics as “The Many Faces of Dr. Hubert Malbec“, “Dressed as Goblins” and of course

Throwback: “No One Survives” by Nekrogoblikon!

Whether it’s just trying to build ticket sales with clever marketing or something, we’ve got no idea but… Goblin Metallers Nekrogoblikon announced just before landing upon our shores that their participation in the 10th Anniversary show for “Design Your Universe” by Epica at The Regency Theatre in Los Angeles California on 1st May will be

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Surprises of 2019!

Between Christmas and New Year it’s Listmania season here at Metal Noise. We bang our heads together, have a few beers and celebrate The Good, The Bad and The downright Ugly of the past year with a bunch of short lists of things we think are worthy of note. So today’s action is the Top

Review: “Mountains And Darkness” by Northwind Wolves

Los Angeles California isn’t the kind of place you’d expect to associate with Black Metal. For one, it’s not a cold, bleak or barren place and the Forests aren’t the dark siren calling kind you’d find in Norway. But none the less, Los Angles is the home of Northwind Wolves who are returning with their

NEWS: The Return Of Nekrogoblikon!

After the unequivocal success of last May’s Sounds Of Carnage Tour, Goblin Island natives Nekrogoblikon are set to return to Skull Island like the all conquering Vikings for a run of headlining shows with support from For I Am King and Harbinger. That news also suggests that Harbinger have a new vocalist lined up to

Live Review: Radar Festival Day #1: Friday

We’re at the first incarnation of a brand new Progressive Metal Festival in Guildford Surrey, taking place in a Casino a stones throw from the train station. It promises two days of wall to wall Metal with a wide range of bands we know well taking to a pair of stages with no overlapping sets.

Review: “Self Titled” by Far From Refuge

Formed in Cambridge in 2016 and comprising Guitarist/Vocalist Joel Sutherland, Vocalist Suran Jayathilaka, Guitarist Jonathan Graye, Bassist/Vocalist Matt Poskitt and Drummer Ákos Kobela are Far From Refuge. They dropped their first EP back in February, promising a fusion of Metalcore, Progressive Metal and Melodic Death Metal in equally high, possibly lethal doses. The deceptively Melodic

Review: “Original Plague” by Amanita Virosa

Returning for their sophomore album are Hospital Metallers Amanita Virosa, hailing from Finland. What’s Hospital Metal we hear your cry? It’s a Symphonic fusion of Black Metal and Death Metal. The follow up to 2015’s “Asystole” has been four years in the making, with some of these songs appearing in live shows at least a

Review: “Compelled To Suffer” by Harbinger

London based Harbinger are a band we’ve watch rise to a force to be reckoned with over the past few years. From seeing them at a dive bar supporting Loathe in front of 50 or so people in 2017 to playing in front of a packed main stage at UK Tech-Fest that summer, they’ve gone