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“Machina Non Grata” by The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

It’s been nearly 3 years since Mansfield, PA Deathcore quartet The Last Ten Seconds Of Life burst our ear drums with “The Violent Sound”. The band have given a big push to this new release with a European tour that has a run of UK dates with Glaswegian’s Lotus Eater kicking off in Bristol on 24th

Bootleg: “Witchtripper” from Down!

Courtesy of Mike Holderbeast, here’s a newly released cut of classic Down entitled “Witchtripper”! It was filmed in 2014 in Austin Texas and is now available in 1080p for your viewing pleasure! The song of course features on “Down IV Part I – The Purple EP” which reared it’s ugly head in classic Southern Sludge

Bootleg: Scour cover Pantera!

During their encore at The Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood California on 15th December, Phil Anselmo’s Scour took the time to pay tribute to the fallen Abbott Brothers with “Slaughtered”, “25 Years” and “Strength Beyond Strength” from Pantera. Sheer class. 

NEWS: Morten Muller gets Hostile!

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like is Meshuggah did a Pantera cover? Well wonder no more! Hailing from Oslo Norway is Morten Muller, a dude running Bog Studios. He’s ripped up the rule book and recorded a version of “F***ing Hostile” that is a brutal as it gets. He’s done a few more

Bootleg: EYEHATEGOD at GWAR-B-Q in 2016!

Continuing the 30th Anniversary celebration of EYEHATEGOD, here’s something a bit special. Filmed at the 7th annual GWAR-B-Q at Hadad’s Lake in Richmond Virginia on 20th August 2016 heres the full set from the Sludge Metal legends! It features none other that Pantera, Scour, Superjoint and Down frontman Philip H. Anselmo lending his voice in

Review: “Master Of Giallo” by Obszön Geschöpf

Released for Halloween on 31st October by Dark Star Records, “Master Of Giallo” by Obszön Geschöpf is not only the 8th full length release but also celebrates a 20th Anniversary! It’s an album that features a huge cast of 46 international guests musicians, including ex-Megadeth pair James Lomenzo and Glen Drover, former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolber

NEWS: 10 Metal Bands in Mainstream Media!

Getting more Metal into TV, films, radio and other mainstream media has to be a thing. After all, when you recognise a Slayer riff on a TV advert, you’re paying attention, right?! Ultimate-guitar.com have put together 10 of the most notable appearance including Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Anthrax and Pantera. You can check it out

Interview: Phil Anselmo at Spooky Empire!

Philip H. Anselmo recently took time out of his busy schedule to take part in a Q&A at the Spooky Empire convention. Answering questions about anything and everything Pantera. Then on the 16th November at The Viper Room in  Hollywood, he took to the stage with his solo band The Illegals to play a full