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NEWS: Body Count “Point The Finger”!

Featuring a guest appearance from Riley Gale of Power Trip and a foreword from Ice T himself, Body Count have gone to the effort of creating a music video for “Point The Finger” from their cell phones while on lockdown. They’ve given the footage to Jay Rodriguez of Itchy House Films and he’s edited it

Playthrough: “Memento Mori” from Lamb Of God!

When Lamb Of God pushed back the release of their self titled album to 19th June, we asked if the band would have enough promotional material for the extra time without streaming too many of the songs. Well, it seems they have plenty to offer with a classy black and white clip of axe welding

Review: “Pitchfork Justice” by Shatter Brain

There are a few areas of the World that we lovingly refer to as hotbeds of Metal talent, one of which is Australia. Adelaide in South Australia is home to Shatter Brain, a band with a big reputation and not that much music to show for it. Tom Santamaria (Vocals), Matt Disisto (Guitar), Jack Hartley

Exclusive Interview: Iferann talk “Desecration” and more!

Earlier this month we reviewed “Desecration” from Edinburgh Thrash giants Iferann. Granted an audience with them, we asked a few burning questions we had left over from the review as well as about their influences and where they want to end up. Here’s what they had to say… if you’ve not had the pleasure, you

Review: “Guardian Of The Fire” by Raider

Formed in 2017, Waterloo Ontario Canadian Death Metal tinged Thrash act Raider found their sound and unleashed their debut EP “Urge To Kill” a year later with the help of Producer and Engineer Jonah Kay at HM Studios and Zach Gerber at Skytrack Studios who handled the Mastering. Lead Guitarist Kyle Edissi exited the group

Interview: Kreator and Lamb Of God: Unified Through Thrash! #2

Radio One Rock Show presenter Daniel P Carter of ‘A‘ fame sat down with Mark Morton from Lamb of God and Mille Petrozza from Kreator to talk about how both bands have been received internationally over the years of their careers. The bands will be joined by crossover Thrashers Power Trip for the State Of Unrest Tour which precedes

Interview: Lamb of God talk working with Josh Wilbur!

In the second of their interview series on their upcoming 8th May releasing self-titled album, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton shares details about the recording studio and working with producer Josh Wilbur. February saw the band debut the first single from the album in “Checkmate“, which has already appeared in their live set so

Bootleg: “Redneck” from Lamb Of God!

Going back to Spain’s Resurrection Fest 2019 in the build up to their team spilling the beans on who is going to appear at the 2020 event, they’ve premiered “Redneck“, pro-shot from Lamb Of God. 8th May will see the bands new self titled album on shelves in record stores everywhere and we can’t wait!

Review: “Desecration” EP by Ifreann

Appearing 13 months after debut EP “Unearthly” sophomore EP “Desecration” from Edinburgh based Thrash Metal quintet Ifreann sees then looking to combine old school Thrash aesthetics with modern edge and techniques to formulate their potion for World domination. Formed in 2015 they took the name ‘Ifreann‘ translated from the Irish for ‘Hell‘ as their own and

Interview: Kreator and Lamb Of God: Unified Through Thrash!

We’re guessing that Riley Gale either wasn’t available or wasn’t considered because Power Trip aren’t signed to Nuclear Blast but Radio One Rock Show presenter Daniel P Carter of ‘A‘ fame sat down with Mark Morton from Lamb of God and Mille Petrozza from Kreator to talk about how both bands from different continents and different