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Interview: Soulfly talk Rituals!

In this fascinating interview, Little Punk People talk to Soulfly main man Max Cavalera. Conversation flows over what happens when we die, OCD, Rituals and being baptized by Lemmy. Soulfly are touring the recently released album “Ritual”. Check out our review!

Riff Police! Pull Over! #35: Pantera Vs Soulfly!

“The Great Southern Trendkill” was released in 1996 to some critical acclaim. Not only Pantera‘s eighth studio album, but widely considered their most aggressive to date and the first to feature Drop G downtuned guitar work. By this point in their career there were growing tensions in the Pantera camp (allegedly due to the Abbot brothers taste for Whiskey and Anselmo’s hunger for Heroin) which

Interview: Max Cavalera talks “Songs for Black Days”!

Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera took part in Revolver Magazine’s “Songs for Black Days” series yesterday with a 10 track deep seletion of tracks that get him fired up when he’s feeling low. While some of them are surprising there are a couple of obvious choices which he has covered in his years in the music

Bootleg: “The Summoning” from Soulfly!

At Pol’and’rock Festival in Kostrzyn, Poland earlier this summer, Soulfly performed new song “The Summoning”. It’s one that appears on their recently released and reviewed album “Ritual” via Nuclear Blast. Max Cavalera and the band maybe at their finest in the live arena, but the album is full of quality cuts.

Review: “Ritual” by Soulfly

Brazilian Metallers now relocated to Phoenix Arizona, Soulfly have often come in for a large amount of often unnecessary stick. Metal purists have often argued that Max Cavalera should have stayed with Sepultura after “Roots” in 1996 rather than leaving the band on a high and forging his own path. But so much water has

NEWS: “Dead Behind The Eyes” from Soulfly!

“Dead Behind The Eyes”, a new song from Soulfly has appeared today. Featuring guest vocals from Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, it will appear on their upcoming new album “Ritual” that will see release via Nuclear Blast on 19th October. It follows first single and album title track in being released in visualiser format.

NEWS: Soulfly partaking in the “Ritual”!

It’s safe to consider Max Cavalera’s Soulfly Metal scene veterans at this point. Even his son and sticksman Zyon has been playing in the band since 2012. Their new album “Ritual” will see release on 19th October via Nuclear Blast with those all important pre-orders available here. The title track just got the classic 360

NEWS: Soulfly announce new album and single!

Amid their current UK tour dates, Soulfy have announced new album “Ritual” and single “Evil Empowered”. The album is slated for release on 19th October via Nuclear Blast. Now based in Arizona, Texas, the Tribal Metallers fronted by former Sepultura main man Max Cavalera and featuring former Ill Nino guitarist Marc Rizzo will no doubt