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Interview: Q&A from Trivium about “What The Dead Men Say”!

An epic video Q&A seeing all of the members of Trivium on board to answer fans questions about their upcoming and highly anticipated album “What The Dead Men Say” took place earlier today and it’s an epic watch. We’ve already had the title track and “Catastrophist” so 24th April is all we have to wait

NEWS: Trivium tell us “What The Dead Men Say”!

Not long after the official second single and title track of their upcoming new album “What The Dead Men Say” surfaced online, Trivium frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy showed fans and followers on his Twitch feed how to play the track, which he later cut from the feed for YouTube. Pre-orders for the 24th April

Bootleg: “The Heart From Your Hate” from Trivium!

With the recent news that the upcoming Hatebreed and Bury Tomorrow albums have been shelved until the physical albums can be made, we’ve got our fingers crossed that the new offering from Trivium isn’t going to be affected. Here’s pro-shot footage of them playing “The Heart From Your Hate” at Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2019.

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of Hellhounds with King 810!

In this latest episode of King 810 TV, the Flint Michigan natives take us behind the scenes of their recent music video “Hellhounds” as they go scavenging in the dump for things to set fire to. The track surfaced online in bootleg format before it’s official release as the band previewed it live and marks

Bootleg: “Deafening Silence” from Machine Head!

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn picked up his acoustic guitar and played a set at his Oakland California home earlier today, with the full being available in a paid stream over at nugs.tv however “Deafening Silence” landed on the Machine Head YouTube channel to get you in the frame of mind. The remainder of the

Under The Influence #38: Karmatik on “Focus” by Cynic!

Founded in 1987 in Miami Florida by guitarist and vocalist Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert, Cynic incorporated elements of Progressive and Alternative Rock into Extreme Metal and after four demos in four years they signed to Roadrunner Records in 1991 and began work on the debut album. Both Masvidal and Reinert were part of

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Colors.

Today’s head to head otherwise known as Vs Tuesday, in which we face off two bands who have covered the same song and let you decide who the winner is as the ultimate judge is actually kind of a cheat. Why? Well in the Red Corner (trademark, patient applied for) we have Body Count, who

Documentary: How to achieve the Chimaira guitar tone!

Ever wondered how you should go about setting up your rig? You could spend literally hours playing around trying to get the right combinations to get the sound you want… or you could watch this new video from Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold and find out what he uses to get their sound and then go

NEWS: King 810 run from the “Hellhounds”!

After yesterday’s mariana trench deep interview with Metal Injection, King 810 have premiered their first new material since fourth album “Suicide King” officially, having already received its live debut and been leaked online. It could be inspired by Nine Inch Nails, which might sound weird but why not?

Interview: King 810 talk to Metal Injection!

Frank from Metal Injection was granted an audience with King 810 frontman David Gunn for this deep interview as the band have begun to roll out their first new material since fourth album “Suicide King“. Topics of conversation include going from being independent to signing for Roadrunner Records and what life is like being from