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Bootleg: Slipknot in Leipzig!

To be honest, we’re still confused as to why “All Out Life” isn’t on the upcoming new Slipknot album when it’s being played in the bands live set at the minute and contains the album title in its lyrics. Maybe it will be one that makes way when their album “We Are Not Your Kind”

Bootleg: “Spit It Out” from Slipknot!

It’s still a couple of months before we get our hands on the new album from Slipknot¬†but that hasn’t stopped the gears of their touring machine getting into motion once again. There appears to be the suggestion with some posters appearing at Download Festival with a hidden meaning that Knot Fest will take place the

Review: “Fleshless King” by Shxttered

A one man multi instrumentalist project which sees Christian Davila joined by vocalist Caleb McLaren Foster and a couple of special guests, Shxttered hail from Southern Florida and claim to have a sound that lives in the space between Deathcore and Slam. So that would be… Post-Deathcore then? This full debut album, a 9 track

Review: “Southern Hostility” by Upon A Burning Body

Returning for their fifth studio album in 9 years, San Antonio Texas Metallers Upon A Burning Body worked for 2 months with Producer Christopher Mora and Guitarist Ruben Alvarez younger brother Thomas Alvarez (who is given a co-producer credit) on returning to their roots and making an album that injects fresh ideas into their sound.

Review: “Godfather” EP by Daybreak

Surprisingly not featuring 2018’s “Acid Green” single which is now a standalone affair, “Godfather” is the latest offering from Perth Western Australian quintet Daybreak. They debuted with 2017’s “Death Dreams”, a full length album of much promise and now the group comprising vocalist Shaun Cox, bassist Liam Webster, drummer Sam Warren and guitarist duo Brode

Bootleg: Slipknot at Rock AM Ring 2019!

Pro-Shot and officially streamed, here’s the full set from Slipknot at Rock AM Ring this past weekend. Interestingly with their new album “We Are Not Your Kind” appearing on 9th August, there are only the pair of new songs “Unsainted” and “All Out Life” in the set, with the later not appearing on the album

Review: “Ache” by MTXS

Essex Hardcore crew MTXS have to be one of the most hard working on the UK Underground Metal circuit. Playing everywhere and anywhere, we had the joy of witnessing their love show a few times last year, including at the very first incarnation of Upsurge Festival at The Newcross Inn in London. Known for their

Review: “Dankosaurus” by Hunt The Dinosaur

It’s been a glacial wait but the debut full length album from Dallas Texas Progressive Deathcore band¬†Hunt The Dinosaur is finally here! When we say that it’s been an ice age, it’s been 5 long years since their self titled debut EP, though to be fair, having started out as pretty much a solo project

Throwback: “Medicated” by Downthesun!

Some bands are destined to burn out and others to fade away. Originally called The Six and opening for Slipknot in their home town of Des Moines Iowa, Downthesun inked a deal with Slipknot’s Maggot Recordings label after their original label London Sire Records folded. The band were active between 1999 and 2003 with a