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Bootleg: Jesus Piece at Reality Bites Festival 2018!

Jesus Piece traveled 3871 miles across the North Atlantic Ocean from their Philadelphia Pennsylvania home to Germany for Reality Bites Festival in Eisenbahnhalle, Losheim. That was nearly two years ago on 1st July 2018 and courtesy of Ulle Media, here’s the full set, pro-shot and complete with tracks from their album “Only Self” which is

Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Antwerp!

Pro-shot by Nick Tronckoe and Basile Rabaey at club Zappa in Antwerp Belgium on 5th November 2019, here’s a full set from Philadelphia Pennsylvania Hardcore homewreckers Jesus Piece. Including “Curse Of The Serpent“, “Workhorse” and fan favourite “Oppressor“, we’re hoping for a new album to follow up “Only Self” in the later half of 2020…

Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Sydney, Australia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Metallic Hardcore wrecking ball Jesus Piece lent their vocalist Aaron Herd to The Acacia Strain for “Seeing God”, a track which appears on the bands double “a” side or 7″ vinyl series entry “D” and my goodness gracious me, if it isn’t a lethal dose of how we like our Hardcore! The band

Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Sydney Australia!

Yesterday we shared a Pro-Shot full set from Knocked Loose as they played the Metro Theatre in Sydney Australia on 18th January, having gone down under to play Invasion Fest. Joining them at both the Festival and on the surrounding shows were Jesus Piece who have been relentlessly touring “Only Self” since it dropped last

Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Adelaide!

Following Knocked Loose down under for Invasion Fest 2020 were none other than Philadelphia, PA’s Jesus Piece and the pair joined forces for some off date shows including at the Enigma Bar in Adelaide, Australia 13th January 2020. We’re anticipating 2020 will bring a follow up to their debut full length “Only Self” which is

Bootleg: Jesus Piece at Camden Underworld!

Normally we’d say we’d reached saturation point when it comes to Jesus Piece. As good as their full Metallic Hardcore onslaught debut “Only Self” is, we can only publish so may bootlegs of their sets around the World before they get back into the studio and write something more. But it’s Christmas. And we were

Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Japan!

It’s been… All of two minutes since we shared a live show from Metallic Hardcore Homewreckers Jesus Piece so it’s about time we did it again! They’ll be at Camden Underworld next weekend with Terror for an afternoon of pure Hardcore self indulgence. So here’s a Pro-Shot full set from the Crown Club in Okayama

Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Japan!

Philadelphia Pennsylvania natives Jesus Piece were filmed by hate5six at Shinsaibashi Sunhall in Osaka Japan on 15th September. The full set is is largely comprised of cuts from their Metallic Hardcore debut full length album for Southern Lord entitled “Only Self”. They’ll be joining Terror in London in November!

Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Lakewood Ohio!

Soon to be joining Terror, Cro-Mags JM and Lion’s Law upon our shores in November, here’s a Pro-Shot full set from Jesus Piece! It was filmed on 9th August at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio and features “Curse of the Serpent” and “Oppressor”. No one can have missed “Only Self” out now via

Bootleg: Drum Cam of Jesus Piece at This Is Hardcore!

Pro-Shot at This Is Hardcore Festival last year, here’s a freshly released set from the drum cam. The band? Jesus Piece. The drummer? Luis Aponte. They’re about to play a trio of US dates with Harms Way, Fuming Mouth and Portrayal of Guilt with their debut for Southern Lord “Only Self” quite the slab of