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Bootleg: Jesus Piece in Sydney, Australia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Metallic Hardcore wrecking ball Jesus Piece lent their vocalist Aaron Herd to The Acacia Strain for “Seeing God”, a track which appears on the bands double “a” side or 7″ vinyl series entry “D” and my goodness gracious me, if it isn’t a lethal dose of how we like our Hardcore! The band

Review: “E” by The Acacia Strain

One or two of you may have noticed the absence of the news about the new twin track offering from The Acacia Strain appearing yesterday on the feed. No, we’ve not fallen out of love with the Chicopee, Massachusetts Deathcore quintet, far from it. Instead we decided to hold back for a day so we

Bootleg: The Acacia Strain at Chain Reaction!

Like so so many, The Acacia Strain had their European tour trek run with Left Behind cut off before it had even begun last week. Having had the pleasure of seeing them playing a headlining slot at Tech-Fest in 2018, we were very much looking forward to witnessing them in full force at FuryFest 2020

Review: “Good Intentions” by Downswing

Albany New York quintet Downswing might not be house hold names as yet but with a pair of prized guest vocalists appearing on their debut full length, that should be something that changes before too long. Former Animal trio in guitarist Anthony Salvaggio, bassist Brandon Jared and drummer Nick Manzella got together and switched their

Review: “D” EP by The Acacia Strain

The paint may not have yet dried since The Acacia Strain vocalist Vincent Bennett stripped it with his savage vocals on the bands late December 2019 released record “It Comes In Waves” but the Deathcore heavyweights are already back in action with a brand new double a-side single that they’re calling “D“. It’s going to

NEWS: The Acacia Strain April tour with Left Behind!

As expected The Acacia Strain have announced a European trek around their appearance at Fury Fest. Joining them across the whole run will be Left Behind, while Leeched will play the UK shows and Mental Cruelty the European Mainland ones. Mixed and Mastered by Will Putney’s friend Steve Seid over at  Graphic Nature Audio, The

Bootleg: Nasty at Summer Breeze 2019!

One of the bands we’re looking forward to the most at April’s twin headed Hydra Fury Fest has to be German Hardcore wrecking ball Nasty. They’ve been snapped up by the organizers for a UK Exclusive in Manchester on 18th and in London on 19th joining the likes of Malevolence, The Acacia Strain and Guilt

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2019!

Whether it’s the wealth of Metal bands at the moment or the increased ease of recording and releasing quality material independently to streaming services, the shorter format of the Extended Play seems to have been a resurgent force in 2019. Some bigger names have recorded in the short form to tide them over between albums

Review: “It Comes In Waves” by The Acacia Strain

Tracked and produced by The Acacia Strain in the Spring of 2019, Mixed and Mastered by Will Putney’s co-conspiritor Steve Seid of Graphic Nature Audio and with cover artwork by MFAXII, The Acacia Strain have surprise released a new album entitled “It Comes In Waves” via Closed Casket Activities. Vocalist Vincent Bennett, drummer Kevin Boutot,