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The Black Map #67: Cognizance from Leeds!

Keeping us in the North of England and taking us to Leeds and the home of a band for whom playing live is as rare as rocking horse s***. Having taken to the stage at the 2018 incarnation of UK Tech-Fest, Cognizance have exactly zero shows lined up for the arrival of their upcoming new

Riff Police! Pull Over! #61: The Faceless Vs Metallica!

As a whole, probably of the most underrated albums in the Metallica discography, “And Justice For All” was the first to feature bassist James Newstead after the tragic death of the legendary Cliff Burton two years earlier. Featuring the classic singles “One” and “Harvester of Sorrow”, it’s a musically progressive album with few traditional verse-chorus

Playthrough: “The Void” by Whitechapel!

Sticksman Alex Rüdinger continues to fill in and grace the drum stool in Whitechapel having had stints in every band from The Faceless to Monuments and even Revocation. He’s recorded some playthrough videos while practicing the Whiteschapel’s upcoming European Tour with this cut of “The Void” from “Mark Of The Blade” being the latest in

Documentary: Will Putney Signature Guitar?!

Trey from Gear Gods is joined by former The Faceless Guitarist Justin McKinney in this latest clip. McKinney teaches Trey The Zenith Passage track “Deus Deceptor” and the pair go in deep on the signature guitar plugin from STL Tones for the model belonging to the legend that is Will Putney…

Riff Police! Pull Over! #53: The Faceless Vs Opeth!

Written by Peter Lindgren and Mikael Åkerfeldt, “Dirge for November” is one of the stand out cuts from the simply amazing Progressive Death Metal album “Blackwater Park” by Opeth. Recorded in 2001 in collaboration with Porcupine Tree frontman Steve Wilson who sat in the Producers chair, it’s an album surprisingly divides fans as it marks

Review: “Apoptosis” by Allegaeon

Being honest, Allegaeon have been a band that caught us by surprise. Not being a band that we were aware of and then seeing them at London’s O2 Academy Islington where they supported Obscura and being completely blown away by their live performance, they’re a band who won us over straight away. Riley McShane’s vocals

The Black Map #55: Dyscarnate from Horsham!

Staying in the South and heading from London towards Brighton for today’s entry in our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene, we head to Horsham. That’s home to Death Metal trio Dyscarnate, who will be joining Broken Teeth in supporting Hatebreed on their 25th Anniversary UK shows this summer! As an international touring

NEWS: MTXS debut new single “Mould”!

The first release from the Essex Metallic Hardcore quintet’s forthcoming album “Ache” produced by Loathe guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe! MTXS have something on the way that has much promise given their previous self-titled release, reputation as a phenomenal live act and the production work of someone with undeniable skills! Is that an influence of The Faceless in

Playthrough: “Fragmented Perception” from Cognitive!

Rob Wharton and Harry Lannon, better known as the guitarist duo from New Jersey Death Metal 5 piece Cognitive have recorded a choice playthrough for “Fragmented Perception”. The song is taken from the bands current Unique Leader effort “Mantricide”. Now imagine if these dudes were in The Faceless…

NEWS: Osiah take a moment with “Reflections of a Monster”!

Siege Music? North East Deathcore quintet Osiah have taken a moment to thank former Heart of a Coward vocalist Jamie Graham, The Faceless Manager E.J. Shannon and others as thy have announced their signing to Unique Leader Records for new album “Kingdom of Lies”. It will make its bow on 3rd May with new single