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Playthrough: “Hellworld” from The Stygian Complex!

“As it all ends and finally begins, you will be staring at the devil, Your life in his hands, you have nowhere to go… He will take you and your soul and down to hell you’ll f***ing go…” Is it even possible to have a vocal playthrough? The Stygian Complex believe so. They’ve let vocalist

NEWS: The Stygian Complex Worship Death!

“Just when you thought you had it figured out, another wave of terror comes crashing down…” That wave of terror comes in the form of “Death Worship“, a brand new song from Lexington North Carolina Deathcore brutes The Stygian Complex! They’ve announced their sophomore album “Tartarus” will be the storm cloud on your horizon come

NEWS: The Stygian Complex confess to a “Dead Mind”!

If you haven’t heard the self titled debut from The Stygian Complex then it’s one we highly recommended in our review. The Lexington North Carolina Deathcore crew had Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited on board to record, mix and master the release, as he had been for the past pair of Traitors albums while Albert Franco

Review “Self-titled” by The Stygian Complex

Hailing from Lexington North Carolina are a Deathcore trio by the name of The Stygian Complex. The group comprise vocalist Kyler Creek, drummer Cody Benge and guitarist/bass player Brandon Stuck. This, their self titled debut comprises 13 tracks, though 5 of those are instrumental versions of other album material. The album was recorded, mixed and

NEWS: The Stygian Complex have a “Dead Mind”!

Lexington North Carolina’s The Stygian Complex are building up to the release of their self titled debut album on 2nd February via Chugcore Promotions with a stream of new song “Dead Mind”. The Deathcore crew claim to specialise in Blast Beats and Bass Drops, so we will all ears for this one!