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Bootleg: Twitching Tongues at LDB Fest!

Pro-Shot by 197 Media at LDB Fest in Louisville Kentucky here’s a full set from Twitching Tongues! Their longest title in the record labels catalogue “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred” is out now via Metal Blade Records. In October the Los Angeles California quintet started to stream a series of demos including “Asylum Ave”.

Bootleg: Twitching Tongues at Toxic Toast Records!

Another full set from For The Children Festival 2018 belongs to Twitching Tongues. Pro-Shot in High Definition at Toxic Toast Records in Long Beach California on 14th December, this one sees the band at their best… Live! They dropped the ambitious “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatered” via Metal Blade earlier in 2018.

Playthrough: “Preacher Man” from Twitching Tongues!

Here’s drum cam footage of Twitching Tongues sticksman Cayle Sain performing single “Preacher Man” in Los Angeles, California. The Metallic Hardcore band’s “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatered” is out now via Metal Blade Records and available over at bandcamp.

Bootleg: Twitching Tongues in Philadelphia!

Pro Shot in High Definition, filmed at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA on 24th June from their ongoing run with Code Orange, here’s a full set from Twitching Tongues. The metal-influenced hardcore band from Los Angeles, California are currently touring their March release “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred” which is out now via Metal Blade Records

Playthrough: “The Sound of Pain” from Twitching Tongues!

Filmed on the “New Reality” tour with Code Orange, here’s Drum Cam footage of Cayle Sain from Twitching Tongues playing through their single “The Sound of Pain”. The footage was captured at their home town show in Los Angeles California. Their March released album “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred” is out now via Metal Blade.

NEWS: Twitching Tongues are “Gaining Purpose”!

Twitching Tongues have dropped a music video for “Gaining Purpose”. The song is taken from their new album “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatered” out now via Metal Blade Records. It definitely has a bit of a classic vintage vibe going on. The video was directed by Gabe Becerra & Steven Grise from 197 Media.