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Review: “Unsound Recollections” from Sentinels

Continuing the trend of releasing 7 track label debut albums that Stay Sick Recordings (is it a bird? Is it a plane? More than an EP, less than a traditional album) are New Jersey Progressive Metallers Sentinels with “Unsound Recollections”. As a band, they’ve been around for a fair while now with 6 track debut “Idylls”

NEWS: Sentinels try and escape the “Vicious Cycle”!

Sentinels will be releasing a 7 track album “Unsound Recollections” via Stay Sick Recordings tomorrow. The iTunes pre-order for that is here. The New Jersey Progressive Metallers have released a music video for “Vicious Cycle” and coupled with the cover art seems to suggest a Nu-Metalcore vibe…