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Documentary: Varials on Warped Tour!

This time last summer we were of the thought that the Vans Warped Tour had come to an end. Too many law suits over injuries sustained by accident and reports of unsavoury behaviour bringing the annual US trek that brought good times to millions to a close. But we were wrong. For at least a

Bootleg: Varials at Chain Reaction!

Philadelphia Pennsylvania quintet Varials made an appearance the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 26th May. Their 25 minute set was Pro-Shot by 197 Media for your viewing pleasure as they continue to tour “Pain Again”. It’s official. Their next album is overdue. Their US tour with Sylar, Cane Hill and Bloodline ends on

Playthrough: “Intro & God Talk” from Varials!

Varials are past due a new album and frontman Travis Tabron keeps appearing on other people’s tunes. In the meatime, here’s drum cam footage of sticksman Sean Rauchut playing “Intro & God Talk” at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California! If you haven’t heard their current album “Pain Again” then you must have been floating around

Bootleg: Varials in Indianapolis!

Pro-Shot on The Seasons Tour at The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis Indiana on 8th May, here’s a full set from Varials. The set includes “Pain Again” and “Stigmata”. Frontman Travis Tabron has been racking up some guest vocal appearances of late, including on the debut EP from Dealer entitled “Soul Burn”.

NEWS: Dealer caught in “Melancholy Oxidase”!

Featuring a guest vocal appearance from Travis Tabron of Varials, Australian supergroup Dealer (ex-Northlane, ex-Alpha Wolf, Iconoclast etc) are streaming “Melancholy Oxidase” from their recently released EP “Soul Burn”. We think it’s an absolute masterpiece, so check out our review because this is a band you need in your life.

Review: “Eternal Isolation” by Born A New

Closing their debut full length album “Eternal Isolation” with the lyric ” You me want to be dead. But I’d rather kill you instead” ‪New Jersey Metallic Hardcore crew Born A New make a powerful statement. The follow up to 2017’s “Peace Is Dead” that features a guest appearance from Travis Tabron of Varials fame

NEWS: Varials Guitarist launches XOF with “Swiss Mix”!

Joining the long list of band members with their own musical side projects, Varials Guitarist Mitch Rogers has taken the name XOF and put out his first solo track “Swiss Mix”. Here’s what the press release says… “XOF anticipates the future of music by fusing popular genre characteristics to create a brand-new vibe; an accessible

Review: “Dead Thoughts” EP by Backbrace

Normally, we’d tell you what a band was about, their style, a bit of history, who was in the fold and where in the World they were from. But when it comes to this March released 4 song EP from Backbrace clocking in at 9 minutes, it’s not something that we can do for you.

NEWS: Backbrace want to go home… In a “Body Bag”!

If you’re a fan of Varials, Spite or Slipknot then you might want to check out “Body Bag”, a new track about drug addiction from Backbrace. It appears on the bands oven fresh released EP “Dead Thoughts” which appeared at the end of March! So that’s going to be heavy, right?

Review: “Soul Burn” EP by Dealer

Melbourne Australia based super group Dealer is the new project of vocalist Aidan Ellaz (ex-Alpha Wolf), bassist Alex Milovic (ex-Northlane), guitarist pairing David Wilder (Iconoclast) and Josh Ang (Codeine King) with drummer Joe Abikhair (Capture the Crown). They’ve been labelled as both “Aggressive Metalcore” and Nu-Metal while getting a push from Stay Sick Recordings would