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Bootleg: Lamb of God at With Full Force!

It’s doesn’t really need an introduction but it’s kind of what we do. So here is a Pro-Shot full set from Lamb of God at With Full Force Festival in Germany. Winds of Plague sticksman Art Cruz continues to deputise for Chris Adler with no date set for his return to the drum stool. Have

Bootleg: “Walk With Me In Hell” from Lamb of God!

Chris Adler’s return to the drum stool maybe on an unknown timeline but in Winds of Plague sticksman Art Cruz they have a man with an ocean of experience filling in. Filmed at Download Festival this past weekend, here’s the classic “Walk With Me In Hell” from Lamb of God!

Review: “Nails” by The Silence Between Us

Bridging the gap between Deathcore, Death Metal and Metalcore are The Silence Between Us from Venice Italy. As bands like Whitechapel and Betraying the Martyrs are moving away from their roots and demonstrating there is more to them than meets the eye, The Silence Between Us are aiming to go straight in at that level

Review: “New Beginnings” EP from Median Insight

Following on from their debut single “Atrocity” which appeared in August 2018, Simi Valley Californian duo David Shin and Gabriel Cox aka Median Insight dropped a 3 track EP entitled “New Beginnings” just a couple of weeks back. After its 90’s nostalgic Nu-Metal inspired intro “Corruption” gets underway with some some Metalcore riffage and some

Review: “Societal Sects” by Kinkshamer

NSFW band Kinkshamer make Progressive Metalcore around themes and concepts designed to put you, the listener outside of your comfort zone. Hailing from Pomona in Los Angeles County, California and currently comprising of duo vocalist Riley Rowe (who you may know as a Metal Injection writer and Famined Records PR dude – Famined Records being

Metal Noise TV: December 2018!

December brought 54 Epic Metal Videos to Metal Noise TV from Justice For The Damned, Dematerialize, Alpha Wolf, Captives, Blue Felix, Love Lost, Sumo Cyco, InVisions, Holehearted, Dagger Threat, Carnifex, To The Rats And Wolves, Kadinja, Dehyrated, Winds of Plague, Born from Pain, Infected Rain, Sins Of Jezebel, Currents, This Wild Life, Acaedia, Judiciary, Blood

Review: “Self-Titled” EP by Dematerialize

Signed to Famined Records, the home of Harmed, are Illinois quartet Dematerialize. The band promise to “make use of relentless chugs, melodic sweeps and atmospheric keys to mercilessly pound the listener into submission” in their mission statement. Them be bold words. Soaked in high energy fury “Ephemeral” uses some Metalcore lead guitar work underpinned by

NEWS: Winds of Plague “Decimate The Weak” again!

Californian Symphonic Deathcore heroes Winds of Plague are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their album “Decimate The Weak” with a release of a re-recorded version of the title track! The new version features the current lineup of the band, as frontman Johnny Plague and drummer Art Cruz are the only remaining members from that era.

Spotlight: Art Cruz

The news that Winds Of Plague and Prong drummer Art Cruz would be filling in for Chris Adler in Lamb Of God for a run of dates due to “unforseen circumstances” is pretty damn cool, because not only is he a fantastic sticksman, with Lamb Of God fans getting a unique opportunity to witness the