Month: December 2017

Bootleg: Fan Filmed Footage from Chimaira’s Christmas Reunion Show!

Vocalist Mark Hunter, Guitarists Rob Arnold & Matt DeVries, Bassist Jim LaMarca, Programmer/Keyboardist Chris Spicuzza and Drummer Austin D’Amond (filling in for Andols Herrick) appeared on stage together for the first time in 7 years on 30th December for Chimaira‘s originally annual ‘Chimaira Christmas‘ show at the Agora Theater in Cleveland, Ohio as a reunion.

Review: “Different Animals” by Volumes

The Omens were never good in the Volumes camp in the build up the release of their third full length album. Having gone from a brutal blend of DJent Tech-Metal with their debut full length “Via” to injecting clean vocals from second vocalist Michael Barr on their second album “No Sleep” and showcasing some melody,

Review: “Suicide Silence” by Suicide Silence

Eighteen Visions did it with their self titled album. Throwdown did it with “Deathless”. Now Suicide Silence have done it with their self titled album. What have they done? They’ve put out an album that they wanted to make, that comes from the heart but that most importantly is a massive style shift away from

Bootleg: Suicide Silence live in Moscow!

Suicide Silence… The myth, the legend, the talking points. Personally, I like the self-titled album. So much so that I went out and saw them play this set at Southampton Engine Rooms with support from Venom Prison and Deez Nuts. A full set recorded at Yotaspace in Moscow on 15th March 2017. Phenomenal.

NEWS: CKN counts down his top 10 worst albums of 2017!

Long time album reviewer and all round heavy metal dude CKN lists out his top 10 worst albums of 2017. 2017 was a great year for so many bands. But there were still plenty of miss-steps and  miss-fires out there. “Ark” from In Hearts Wake being a prime example!

NEWS: Leo Moracchioli covers The Beatles with Twelve Foot Ninja!

Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios in Norway has released a Metal cover of rock classic “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles featuring guest appearances from Melbourne, Australia metallers Twelve Foot Ninja’s guitarist duo Rohan “Ro” Hayes and Steve “Stevic” Mackay. It’s an absolute pleasure.

Review: “The Place I Feel Safest” by Currents

“The Place I feel Safest” was released by SharpTone Records in June 2017 as Connecticut’s Currents fourth release, the follow up to the 2015 8 track album “Life//Lost”. Though it has to be said that the earlier material had a different line-up. Opening up with the tech-metal onslaught of “Apnea” which seemlessly blends Nu-Metal tinged lyrics