Month: January 2019

NEWS: Euroblast announce first wave for 2019!

Taking place in Cologne Germany over the weekend of 27-29th September will be the 15th Annual Incarnation of Euroblast! Interestingly with the first wave of bands announced are The Haarp Machine. Having sort EJ Shannon to manage them having saved The Faceless and having suffered a humbling crowd funding campaign, it may mark a new

NEWS: Cryosphere celebrate “Wolves And Kings”!

Hailing from Roskilde, Danish Alternative Melodic Metalcore band Cryosphere released single “Wolves And Kings” in October via Bandcamp¬†and following it up with a surprise Paramore cover at the turn of the year! That single has finally got a music video from the six piece.

NEWS: Forty Feet Down release “Mis(s)creations”!

Forty Feet Down have released their second single and first of 2019 with “Mis(s)creation”! It will appear on their date to be confirmed album “Subhuman”, although whether previous single “Rattleshack” will be re-recorded as Mason Sigman replaced vocalist Justin Henderson at the beginning of the year remains to be seen.

NEWS: Beyond Deviation provide their “Premonition”!

Their past year may have been Hell, but Gatineau Quebec Canadain Downtempo Deathcore four piece Beyond Deviation have been venting their pain and getting much needed catharsis by creating their upcoming new album. New vocalist Fred Habib has been unveiled today along with new single “Premonition”! The new release will appear via Chugcore Promotions and

NEWS: “New Beginnings” for Born From Pain??

Featuring guest vocals from Chris Robson of TRC fame, German Hardcore titans Born From Pain have released a second single from their upcoming new album “True Love” entitled “New Beginnings”. The album itself will see the light of day on 15th February. That is, unless you’re a record junkie. In which case you’ll have to

NEWS: While She Sleeps… are they “The Guilty Party”?

Sheffield Metalcore Masters While She Sleeps have premiered a second new song from their upcoming new album “So What?” Entitled “The Guilty Party”, the track will appear on the album that is out on 1st March – the same date as the final UK show on their album release tour – which itself takes place

Interview: Fallujah debut new frontman and talk new album!

Soon to be upon our shores are Fallujah and with their new album “Undying Light” out on 15th¬†March, the band are keen to introduce their new vocalist Anthony Palermo. He might be familiar to some as the vocalist in Black Metal project Underling. The band themselves will be joining Obscura for a run of European

Review: “Bringing Your Hell” EP by xServitudex

xServitudex. Their line-up is scattered across England and Scotland with one thing very much in common. Vegan Straight Edge Metallic Hardcore against the World. There is not a single tune that reaches the 3 minute mark on “Bringing Your Hell” and having witnessed their firebrand live show, the tracks will be played at least 20%

NEWS: Burdened debut “33”!

The North of England is home to Burdened, a band who released their debut single “33” yesterday via Dreambound. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Bennett at Foxhound Studios and with a video by Long Chalk Media, this one bodes well for the quartet’s future!

Riff Police! Pull Over! #42: Underside Vs Avenged Sevenfold!

Avenged Sevenfold lifting *ahem* being influenced by Metallica is pretty common knowledge. Why? Because it’s so blatantly obvious! To be fair, they’ve got a wealth of decent material of their own and they created a decent song around that Metallica riff. “Unholy Confessions” is a fans favourite and has all the trademarks of the classic