Month: June 2019

Bleeding Through w/Ithaca, Nihility & Chamber @ Camden Underworld

For a UK Exclusive show at Camden Underworld, what has the potential to be one last chance to see the Orange County Metalcore heroes that are Bleeding Through in the live arena is not one to be missed! Having seemingly returned from the ashes with 2018’s new album “Love Will Kill All”, vocalist Brandan Schieppati

Review: “Global Enslavement” by Massive Slavery

After an 8 year hiatus Rouyn Noranda, QuĂ©bec Melodic Death Metallers Massive Slavery have returned. The socially, politically and environmentally engaged band may not have announced their new line-up as yet but it’s sure to leak if they hit the stage before anything official appears. They’ve been fighting with their former label Maple Metal Records

Documentary: The Making of “Lonely World” Part #3 from Acres?

Previously appearing on our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene, Bristol post-hardcore four piece Acres have continued the build up the their debut “Lonely World” with part #3 of their making of series. They will be joined by Parting Gift, Captives and Tripsitter for a run of shows that starts in Southampton on

NEWS: TheWarWithin scream for “Mercy”!

It’s been a fair wait but Long Island New York quartet TheWarWithin (perhaps named after the Shadows Fall album of the same name?) have returned with their first new material since 2017’s “In Memory Of Man” EP with a brand new single called “Mercy”. They said they want to bring us music to hit something

NEWS: Vulvodynia steaming album title track!

Oddly releasing on a Monday instead of following 99% that appear on Friday, tomorrow will see “Mob Justice” from South African Brutal Death Metallers Vulvodynia appearing everywhere that’s good. Featuring guest appearances from Alex Taylor of Malevolence, Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder and Martin Matousek of Gutalax, it’s an album that promises much.

Bootleg: Combichrist at Hellfest!

Including “Never Surrender”, “No Redemption” and “One Fire”, here’s the full set from Combichrist at Hellfest 2019! New album “One Fire” may only be a couple of weeks old but these fans know all the words!

The Black Map #64: Weaponry from Reading!

Who said a band had to be made up of friends? Who said the members of a band have to be in the same age bracket? Someone said you can chose your friends but you can’t choose your family. They’d be right on that score. So a with a father and son axe wielding duo

Bootleg: “Loco” from Devildriver!

Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara told us before the last Coal Chamber album “Rivals” in 2015 that he would have played Coal Chamber songs live with Devildriver if he didn’t think there was a chance of Coal Chamber coming back. Last July he said that they were never coming back and true to his word, as

Playthrough: “Desperation Dear” from Harbinger!

Another installment of “The Workshop Sessions” series from Carillion Guitars out yesterday sees Harbinger guitarists Ben Sutherland and Charlie Griffiths  showcase “Desperation Dear”, one of finer cuts from their May released album “Compelled To Suffer”. Next up for the band is a drive to Newark Showgrounds and Tech-Fest where they will be joined by God

NEWS: Keepsake share their “Regret”!

A couple of weeks back we put Oxford’s Keepsake on our black map of UK Underground Metal. Well, no sooner have we done that than they have returned with another single, titled “Regret”. They’re at Mosh Fest 2019 in Southampton this very weekend, which is being headlined by InVisions so if you’re in the area…