Month: July 2020

Review: “Skyless” by Within Ceres

Citing influences from the likes of Erra, Bleed From Within, Born of Osiris and Silent Planet, guitarist and producer Odin De Sa formed Within Ceres in 2014 to perform at a collegeband competition called “Searock” at BITS Pilani Institute in Goa India, a place where you can count the number of Metal bands or even bands in

Throwback: “Tribe” by Mad Capsule Markets!

Back in 1999 as Pitchshifter were riding high on the huge success of single “Genius” from their “” record and The Prodigy were bringing Metal riffs into Industrial tracks like “Breathe”, a band appeared seemingly out of nowhere blending Industrial noise and electronic beats with… Well a vast array of other influences. On “OSC-DIS (Oscillator in Distortion)

Playthrough: Full Set from Jesus Piece!

Another one from the 15th January 2020, Stay Gold in Melbourne, Australia show sees a full set performed by Jesus Piece drummer Luis Aponte from a dedicated camera positioned above the kit. So If there is a track from “Only Self” by the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Metallica Hardcore crew that you just can’t quite nail, you’ll

NEWS: Bloodstained announce new album with “In Your Likeness”!

There are awesome band names and there are awesome band names. Polish Metallers Bloodstained have got theirs down perfectly and with “In Your Likeness” they have unleashed a banger of a track which is one from an upcoming new album “Downfall Magnificat“. That will be joined by previous single “Woe To You Fools” as well

Interview: Spiritbox talk to Knotfest!

It seems that Canadian Progressive Metallers Spiritbox are very much flavour of the month at the moment with covers of their songs from the likes of Morphide and Christina Rotondo to name but two appearing out of the woodwork in the last few weeks. Following their latest single “Holy Roller“, vocalist Courtney Laplante sat down

NEWS: Grimelord prepare you for the vile with “Gallows Hill”!

Suicide Silence aren’t the only Deathcore band in Riverside, California. Oh no. Grimelord have got their territory marked out already and produced, edited, mixed and mastered by Joshua Chavez at Sonisphere Recordings they’ve tapped up Adam Warren of Oceano fame to deliver the goods on the their latest offering “Gallows Hill“. If you like this

Playthrough: Full Set from Knocked Loose!

Another one from the archives of hate5six sees dedicated drum cam footage of Knocked Loose sticksman Kevin Kaine hammering out the bands songs down under. That would be Stay Gold in Melbourne, Australia on 15th January 2020 where the band were playing one of a number of side shows around the main event that was

NEWS: Aerith joined by Fallujah on “For The Fallen”!

Getting not one but two guests on a track is one thing but getting two guests from the same band on the same track? That’s as rare as rocking horse s***. Soulfly got Fred Durst and DJ Lethal from Limp Bizkit on “Bleed“. But how much more often… Anyway. Lovers of Melodic Death Metal and

Exclusive Interview: The Bones Of God talk “EOS”!

Melbourne Australian quintet The Bones Of God, a band who feature in their ranks members of Suldusk, Myriad Drone, The Valley Ends and now defunct New Zealand Tech Death titans Zerstiren, threw down the gauntlet for Blackened Death Metal with their debut EP “EOS“. Abrasive guitars, spine shattering blast beats and ferocious vocals is what it provides