Month: August 2020

Bootleg: “The Deepest Cuts” full show from Trivium!

Following the huge success of the pay per view streamed live show “A Light And A Distant Mirror“, Trivium returned to play a free show with a twist. Two hours of songs that the band either hadn’t played live before or so seldom played that only a small percentage of fans would have heard them.

Review: “Demo” by Chestcrush

Fusing elements of Black Metal and Sludge into the mix to make something nightmarish and heavy are Chestcrush, an Edinburgh based Blackened Death Metal duo of DM on vocals, and Multi instrumentalist Evan doing guitars, bass, lyrics, programming, mixing and even cover art, in the vein of Vermin Womb, Dragged into Sunlight and Resin Tomb.

Documentary: “No Lasting Memories” #8 from Weaponry!

Like the good people of Ferrero Rocher, Weaponry continue to spoil us with their hilarious tongue in cheek series “No Lasting Memories“. This week sees the band back at Pirate Studios rehearsing for an upcoming recording session while leaving us on a cliffhanger with the greatest unanswered question of all time. During those sessions will

NEWS: Bleach and Starved hitting the road in February 2021!

Gearing up to get back on the road in 2021, Manchester Hardcore quartet Bleach and Starved have announced a co-headlining 8 show run in February. September 2018 saw Bleach drop “Disconnect”, a four track debut EP recorded, mixed and mastered by Loathe guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe, so we could be expecting new material before this run…

Documentary: The Price of Metal?

Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has dropped another insightful commentary, this time on the subject of the price of Metal. He’s not talking about the currency we all hand over to follow our favourite bands here but the social aspects of how people who aren’t into Metal treat you once they find out you’re not in

Bootleg: Skeletal Remains at Full Terror Assault Festival!

…with 11th September marking the fourth studio record from Californian Death Metallers Skeletal Remains via Century Media, it’s time for another full set from the band. Filmed in 4K HD from the barricade with superior sound quality, here’s 44 minutes of them from Full Terror Assault Festival in 2019. “The Entombment of Chaos” is the

Review: “The Ascension Of Extinction” by Symphony Of Heaven

Emerging from the mud and rust of southern Indiana in 2017, Symphony of Heaven came appeared on the underground metal scene with their first EP “Of Scars And Soil“, a Melodic Blackened Death Metal debut with lyrical themes of suffering and pain and combining epic symphonic elements with blackened metallic riffs. Wasting no time, the

The Black Map #123: Catalysis from Dundee!

Originally formed as a quartet in late 2016 and hailing from Dundee in Scotland, Catalysis laid their foundations with a pair of EPs in 2017’s “Into The Unknown” and 2018’s self-titled “Catalysis” while making regular Viking style raids across Scotland for shows with bands like To Kill Achilles, Black Blood and Harbinger. As anyone in any