Month: October 2020

NEWS: The cycle of violence continues for Red Method!

Call it a reimagining, call it a remix or a rework… Red Method have revisited “Cycle Of Violence” from their Slipknot inspired debut album “For The Sick” for Halloween, an excuse to get the make-up on and shoot a gruesome gore fest of a music video. Or maybe just a haunting, eerie one…

NEWS: Apollo Stands go out…

Norwich Progressive Metalcore act Apollo Stands have been smashing out the music videos on an almost weekly basis of late and while they take a break from fighting the Zombie hordes, leaving it to the likes of Wednesday 13, they have returned to their EP “Minds” and headed out to the garden. We hope they’ve

NEWS: Anger Machine see the red mist!

Dutch Groove Metallers Anger Machine have returned to their summer 2019, David Hazeleger album “Trail of the Perished” for a music video for “Red“. Introducing themselves by opening for the legendary Pro-Pain, they’ve since cemented their crushing live show reputation with the likes of Black Rabbit and Mudhead, winning Metal Battle Noord-Holland in 2018.

Interview: Pulchra Morte talk “Ex Rosa Ceremonia”!

Guitarist and producer Jarrett Pritchard from Death Doom overlords Pulchra Morte, a band who in their ranks feature members of Skeletonwitch, Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Eulogy, Harkonin to name but a few talks to Heavy New York about their upcoming 6th November 2020 sophomore album ‘Ex Rosa Ceremonia’ out via Transcending Records.

Playthrough: “Chemicals” from Conquer Divide!

August saw the return of all female Metalcore act Conquer Divide with a single entitled “Chemicals” after a five year hiatus, once again working with Joey Sturgis (Oceano, Attila, We Came As Romans), who produced their 2015 self titled record. New drummer Samantha Landa has been let off the leash for a playthrough video for that very

Documentary: Head In A Jar Halloween Special!

Not quite your Halloween creature double feature but Sydney Australian Crossover Thrash Metallers Head In A Jar have created their own b-movie horror extravaganza. The band who released their brilliant “Free From The Fridge“, produced by Aaron Worboys (Bastardizer, Golgothan Remains, Graveir) before being Mastered by Brad Boatright (Downpresser, Leeched, Ithaca)  at Audioseige in Portland, Oregon

Playthrough: Full Set from Varials!

Returning to Bloodaxe Fest at Club Citta in Kawasaki Japan on 21st September 2019, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Varials sticksman Sean Rauchut playing the full set. Vocalist Travis Tabron exited stage left earlier this year and after a run with Boundaries frontman Matt McDougal filling in, we’ve seen footage of the band back

NEWS: “The World Keeps Turning” for Leo Viridi!

In July 2019 we reviewed the debut album “LV1” from Leo Viridi, who was joined by musicians who had performed in the likes of Dissension Rising, Megadeth, Act of Defiance, King Diamond, Dream Theater, Sons of Apollo, Mutiny Within and Wearing Scars and took the best of all of those guests to mould them into the

Bootleg: Static-X in Toronto!

Another unearthed by Liberated Tape Archive sees Industrial Metal legends Static-X in Toronto Ontario Canada at The Warehouse on 22nd July 1999. These were the “Wisconsin Death Trip” days with the original line up raising Evil Disco Hell across the Globe and joined by Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares for set closer “Push It“. May Wayne

Review: “Orbital Decay” by Solarhead

Recorded over the course of a couple of weeks in home studios in Indianapolis and Franklin, Indiana, “Orbital Decay” marks the debut EP from Alternative Metallers Solarhead, who launched themselves on an unsuspecting World in July 2020. The band consist of the duo of Jason Emry (vocals) and Bob Hamilton (guitars) who are have been