Month: November 2020

Interview: Avatar fan Q&A with Sylvia Massy!

Sylvia Massy, the producer who worked with Avatar on their 2016 album “Of Feathers & Flesh” has been the fans choice for interviewing vocalists Johannes Eckerström as he answers questions from those very fans on subjects from Shotguns to Microphones and Parachutes. All this comes ahead of the bands hugely ambitious set of 4 streams

Playthrough: “Kindred” from UnCrowned!

On 16th December 2019 we reviewed the debut record of St. Albans Metalcore quintet UnCrowned which had been on the cards since they formed back in 2014. Mixed and Mastered by Tim Kramer at Signal House Studios it includes the brilliant “Devil’s Thirst” and “Kindred“. Indeed the later is so damned good that after sticksman

NEWS: Inimical Drive look to the enemy within?

Back in September we reviewed the EP “Enemy” by St. Louis, Missouri natives Inimical Drive, a band who employ the kind of swagger of Light The Torch with some interesting Nu-Metal introspective lyrics. They’ve dropped a music video for the title track of that record… Oh and Jack C. Daniels produced, engineered and mixed the track at

Playthrough: “Systematic Failure” by Demonstealer!

The solo project of Mumbai India based Extreme Metal musician Sahil Makhija who has had a career spanning 20 years with Demonic Resurrection and Reptilian Death will be releasing a crowd funded EP “And This Too Shall Pass” on 11th December under the moniker Demonstealer. Having already aired a pair of tracks ahead of the meteorite of a

Playthrough: “Death Portrait” by Lorna Shore!

There was a chance that “Immortal” would be shelved while Lorna Shore hunted down a new vocalist but fortunately they didn’t and the results speak for themselves. Drummer Austin Archey provides all the rhythmic power requited to ignite a fire underneath the rest of the band and has been filmed by Brett Miller for Sick

NEWS: Italian Metallers pay tribute to In Flames!

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of “Clayman” by Gothenburg Sweden Melodic Death Metallers In Flames six Italian Metal vocalists have joined forces to record a truly unique cover. Those vocalists are Ciro Silvano from JumpsScare, Francesco Xella of Hellucination, Jel Doublerice from Despite Exile, Eddy Scissorhands of ROT, Miriam Granatiello from Nebulae and Rocco

Bootleg: TRUSTcompany in Illinois!

Filmed from stage right at Tweeter Center Chicago in Tilney Park Illinois on 15th August 2004, here’s a full set from TRUSTcompany. For those with nostalgic long memories and rose tinted specticals, the band’s 2002 album “The Lonely Position Of Neutral” opened doors thanks to an Alternative Metal vibe and the huge success of single

Review: “Struggle Through Absurdity” by Vaneno

Portuguese Sludge Metal act Vaneno who hail from the capital city of Lisbon may have formed in 2017 but it wasn’t until the group of friends expanded their line up with the arrival of Pedro Fernandes on bass and Alexandre Fernandes on vocals that their flame ignited with the desire to commit their works to

Throwback: “Stalingrad” by Red Tape!

It seems harder to believe now than it did when it happened but for a two year stretch between 2007 and 2009 Red Tape frontman Jeff Jaworski stood in for Grady Avenell and recorded “The Hierophant“, the fourth studio album from Sacramento California’s finest Noise Metal outfit Will Haven. The styles of the two bands