Month: December 2020

NEWS: Majin take the “Night City Drift”?

Having ended their “Warpath” with “Freak On A Leash“, Southampton Deathcore collective Majin have announced Gregor MacMillan of London Progressive Metalcore act Derelict is getting on boards as a second vocalist. They’ve stated they’ve been massively impacted by Cyberpunk 2077 since it’s release and so have inked a new track entitled “Night City Drift” with

NEWS: Enquire Within cover Avenged Sevenfold!

As if recording a live in session album at Hackney Road Studios wasn’t enough for one year, London Metalcore outfit Enquire Within have also started a covers series for bed time entitled “Under The Covers“. Songs by Trivium, Gojira, System Of A Down, Cancer Bats and Power Trip are all said to be in the

Documentary: A Look Back At 2020 with Frog Leap Studios!

Ah 2020. The year of the Great Plague. It may have kept Leo Moracchioli in Norway and his touring band which features Toska guitarist Rabea Massaad away from the stage, but it didn’t stop the multi instrumentalist from hammering out those Friday Metalised covers from Frog Leap Studios in Norway. This look back at 2020

Playthrough: “By Means of Fire” by Woe Betide!

Brighton Death Metallers Woe Betide dropped their debut album “Throne of Spines” at the end of May, recorded at Audio Beach Studios in their home town before being mixed, mastered and produced by Wynter Prior (Wounded Not Dead) of Sphynx Studios. Leaning more towards the Technical side, they also cite influences in Opeth, Bleed From

Bootleg: “Disconnect” from Underside!

Nepalese Metalcore act Underside have been saving a pro-shot live performance of “Disconnect” from their co-headlining show at the NH7 Weekender in Pune in 2019 for a special occasion and that occasion is now. It seems unfathomable that a band who we saw humbly open a Cancer Bats show at a 400 capacity venue could

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Drinking Songs For New Year!

Our Listmania season will come to an end tomorrow with the New Years Honours List but before it does, there is just about enough time to squeeze in one more; 5 drinking songs for New Years Eve; because what else do people do on New Years Eve except drink a skin full, party and bulls***?!

Bootleg: “At The Heart of Winter” from Theosophy!

Freshly dug up from the archives Russian Black Metallers Theosophy have gone back to Barnaul and 22nd April 2012 for a cover of “At The Heart of Winter” by Immortal. Back in May 2020 they released and we reviewed their fifth studio album together “Towers Of Dark Pantheon” which is soaked in lyrical themes of

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2021!

Having gone through the best singles, best albums, best EPs and most disappointing records of 2020 over the past few days, it’s time now to look forward to 2021 with our most anticipated releases of the first quarter of the year. You know, the ones that have us salivating as the prospect, like Wolves looking

Review: “Rubedo” by Shuulak

Although they didn’t release their debut EP until 2017 in “Nigredo“, Dutch Metal quintet Shuulak were forged from the fires of previous musical collaborations in 2014 with a shared interest in alchemy and the occult providing inspiration for their dark creations. That record serves as the first of a tetralogy, which tells of alchemical enlightenment

Riff Police! Pull Over! #137: Rammstein Vs Kataklysm!

In 2021 French Canadian Death Metal act Kataklysm will celebrate 30 years together with vocalist Maurizio Iacono and guitarist Jean-François Dagenais as the only original members of the quartet, although to be fair, bassist Stephane Barbe has been standing to their left on stage since 1998. Produced by Dagenais “In the Arms of Devastation” is