Month: January 2021

NEWS: Achrome fight depression with “Dropz”!

Roma based Metalcore act Achrome have unleased a new single going by the name “Dropz“, said to be an autobiographical cut about fighting depression to get out of it stronger. The band have been busy in the studio with this the first of a run of singles to take them to May. There will be

NEWS: Killerweil premier “Skrullin'”!

The Philippines isn’t a place you might usually associate with Metal but Killerweil have other ideas in mind. They’ve released a new single entitled “Skrullin'”, a track which builds on the ideas behind “Skrulls”, a fictional race of extraterrestrial shapeshifters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Inspired based on one of what

NEWS: Maitreya become the “Catalyst”!

It maybe six months alway but Canadian Progressive Metallers Maitreya have premiered the first single from their sophomore album “Hyper Reels” set for June 2021. They’ve chosen “Catalyst” for the purpose and given it the full music video treatment with the band going deeper into exploring complex polyrhythmic ideas, polymetric patterns and odd time signatures…

NEWS: Cryptosis transcend space and time…

Dutch Extreme Metallers Cryptosis have created a science fiction landscape for their debut album “Bionic Swarm” set for 26th March via Century Media. The album release will be followed by a summer tour with Vektor and appearances at Wonnemond Festival, Vienna Metal Meeting and Dokk’em Open Air. Here’s first single “Transcendence” with pre-orders available here

NEWS: Orecus look “Below The Threshold”!

Swedish Death Metallers Orecus have released the second single from their upcoming debut album ‘The Obliterationist‘ which is set for the guillotine on 12th March via Violent Groove. The song is titled ‘Below The Threshold‘ features a guest vocal appearance by Fredrik Söderberg of Soreption fame and comes from an album that has been had a re-amp,

Documentary: Do They Really Hate Metal?

While giving us the recommendation of “The Affair of Poisons” by Hellripper, a Blackend Thrash offering that explores the dark and insidious underworld of Witchcraft, this week our Canadian friend Black Metal Werewolf is asking the question “Do they really hate metal“? Hate is a strong word and people often fear what they do not

Playthrough: “Holy Roller” from Spiritbox!

…with a kit comprised of gear from Remo, Vic Firth, Meinl, Zildjian and Bucks County Drum Company Spiritbox drummer Zev Rose has thrown out this playthrough video for “Holy Roller” while offering out his services as a tutor or a session musician. As the band are currently held in high regard by fans and peers

Review: “Nano 3000” by Sintax

Proving that decent Metal music isn’t limited by geography, the sophomore album from Israeli metal band Sintax is a highly anticipated one as it gets its international release via Sliptrick records on 2nd February 2021. Formed in 2013 from Showrchtsechaye and DeuSphera, the band have featured on the Israeli Headbangers Ball, while 2015’s “Sway for a

The Black Map #145: Catharist from St. Andrews!

Only our Black Map feature could take you from Weymouth in Dorset and Accursed Years to St. Andrews in Scotland and Catharist in a single Hulk sized death defying leap. The home of Golf and Scotland’s oldest seat of learning, the University of St Andrews is where they celebrate a decade of destruction since their