Month: February 2021

NEWS: As We Suffer premier second single!

A second single from the upcoming April debut album from Ottawa’s As We Suffer has surfaced entitled “Invade The Host“. A concept album, “The Fallen Pillars” revolves around the pillars of truth. Each song deals with destructive concepts and beliefs that we, as a society and as people, should not prop up as truths. It is

Playthrough: “Heretic” from Arcaeon!

In 1991 Red Hot Chili Peppers were Under The Bridge and 30 years on it’s the turn of Arcaeon. The Reading Progressive Metallers launched their debut full length album which has been something approaching 3 years in the making a couple of weeks back and from that album entitled “Cascadence” guitarists Sam and Rhys playthrough

Interview: Architects on The Downbeat Podcast!

On the eve of their ninth studio record “For Those that Wish To Exist” a small Progressive Metalcore band from Brighton called Architects have allowed bassist Ali Dean to chat with the bands former drum tech and current Stray From The Path sticksman Craig Reynolds. They chat about everything except that including old tours, marathon

Bootleg: It Dies Today in Brazil!

Filmed at The Clubhouse in Brazil, here’s a partial set from Buffalo New York’s It Dies Today from 2007. It sees the band fronted by former Still Remains bassist Jason Woods and playing tracks from “The Caitiff Choir” and “Sirens” as they waited on the green light from Trustkill Records for their third and sadly

NEWS: Brand Of Sacrifice see through “Altered Eyes”!

Animated by Tony Simone, Canadian Deathcore outfit Brand Of Sacrifice have premiered another new song from their upcoming new album “Lifeblood” which sees guest appearances from members of I Prevail, Emmure, Shadow of Intent, Traitors and Viscera. Entitled “Altered Eyes” it follows an interview with guitarist Michael Leo Valeri over at Metal Sucks in which among other things, he explains

Review: “Another Day in Helvete” by R.A.T.S

If you go to Kiev Ukraine and you’re looking to get a tattoo, Swedish Hardcore Punks R.A.T.S recommend you look up Yaroslav Yakimenko, who created the cover art for their debut EP “Another Day in Helvete“. Very much a DIY release, the quintet recorded with Dennis Bertilsson who also mixed and mastered the seven track

Riff Police! Pull Over! #145: KoRn Vs Death Blooms!

The Nu-Metal influence on Liverpool quartet Death Blooms has been obvious from the moment we first heard them and being named after one of the genres finest moments in a song from the debut album from Mudvayne only serves to pay tribute to that. The third EP of their career is on the horizon and

Interview: Generation Underground talk new music with Heavy New York!

Still alive but trapped in the “Nightmare Never Ending” as they’re sat on a full length record completed in June 2019, New Jersey’s Generation Underground spoke to Heavy New York about the trials and tribulations of their career to date in this new interview. If January’s single “Meth Man” is anything to go by then

NEWS: Misstiq chills out with Architects!

The timing might seem a little intriguing but the lady who turns Deathcore into the Symphonic otherwise known as Misstiq has created a chilled out rendition of “Hollow Crown” by our very own Brighton Progressive Metalcore heroes Architects when they themselves are on the verge of a new album in “For All Those Who Wish

NEWS: Sleepless premier “Host Desecration”!

Original members of 80’s Death Metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy, Eric Dorsett and Eric Detablan have joined forces with their old friend, guitarist, singer and production machine Kevin Hahn to form Sleepless. Together they have inked debut EP “Blood Libel“, which will be released on 12th March via Necromantic Press Records having been produced and mastered by Kevin Hahn