Month: April 2021

NEWS: Orange Goblin return to the road in December!

As well as the return of the festive season December will also see Orange Goblin tearing up the trails en route to Riff City. They will be joined by Spirit Adrift and King Creature with the exception of the opening night of the run that will see them celebrating 25 Years together before finishing on

Playthrough: “Summit” from Maitreya!

It is inevitable that when someone self describes their music as “Progressive” anything that it means more strings and bigger drum kits, so for this bass playthrough video for “Summit” by Canadians Maitreya it should be little wonder that it’s a five. The guitars are probably seven or eight and… Yeah, you get the picture.

NEWS: Arcaeon unveil July tour! That’s 2021!

Its finally official. Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon have announced all of the dates for their Midlands and Northern United Kingdom headlining tour that will see them give their debut album “Cascadence” the birthing that it really deserves. The run will be preceded by a belated album release show in London before they hit the road

NEWS: Distant unleash “Rituals: Rakva & Vermillion Rivers”!

Where do you begin with how prolific Rotterdam Netherlands Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant have been of late? The dark  brilliance of in October 2020 EP “Dawn Of Corruption” was one thing, March 2021 EP “Dusk Of Anguish” was another but… this summer will see a full length album “Aeons Of Oblivion” drop like a concrete

Playthrough: “Eyes Wide Shut” from Novelists!

“Mr. Tango has, uh, spoken very eloquently. I wish I could be as forgiving. But I can’t, because… this whole thing… f***ing sucks! I mean, this is the biggest pile of s*** I’ve ever..” ~ Kurt Russell, Tango & Cash Our resistance to calling Novelists by their new legally imposed moniker Novelists FR remains firmly

Bootleg: “Thunder” from The Royal!

Hailing from Eindhoven Netherlands, The Royal have been Metalcore merchants that we have missed on the Underground Metal scene during the Pandemic. We first witnessed them in the live arena at Tech-Fest in 2017 when they were on a European tour trek around their album “Seven” and we were blown away. Filmed at MoreCore Festival,

NEWS: Callidice offer the Emperor some new clothes…

Armed for the apocalypse with a new vocalist Tero Ollilainen, Jyväskylä, Finland based Industrial tinged Melodic Death Metallers Callidice are marching onwards to Hell with an as yet undated new EP. Formed in the winter of 2014 they have a pair of EPs and an album under their collective belts in 2015’s “Victims“, 2016’s “Scarlet”

Documentary: Episode #3 of the Making of “Ruthless” with Nonpoint!

Having gone independent and unveiled the blueprint that they are going to working from for their next release “Ruthless“, Fort Lauderdale’s Nonpoint have now shared the third (and final?) episode of a making of series that has documented everything they have gone through to get this far. This one sees the band talk with management

Review: “Silence” by Monasteries

The rise of Manchester Technical Deathcore five piece Monasteries since their 2018 offering “Pulmonary Failure” was cemented by the surprise news that they had inked a deal with Seek & Strike records, the label home of Upon A Burning Body, Exist Immortal and Orbit Culture to name but a few for this release. That has

Riff Police! Pull Over! #154: Bewitcher Vs WASP!

Getting scorned by the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) alongside household names like Motley Crue, Mercyful Fate and Venom in the 80’s never stopped Blackie Lawless or his band WASP but it did inspire them to write a song about them in “Harder Faster” from their 1987 record “Live…In the Raw”. Rather than go head