Month: October 2021

Documentary: The Making Of “A Valediction” #8 with Obscura!

Returning to the music video for their recently released single “When Stars Collide” which features a guest vocal appearance from Björn Strid of Soilwork and was once again produced by director Mirko Witzki, German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura have gone behind the scenes for the latest entry in their making of series for new

NEWS: Rat King announce “Santa Hipocresía” with “False Prophet”!

Following up their 2020s “Vicious Inhumanity“, Seattle Death-Grind vermin Rat King have announced a new EP “Santa Hipocresía” (translation: Holy Hypocrisy) which looks set to  see the band continue down the path of breakneck speed and death. Curiously the EP was mixed at The Pit Recording Studio By Taylor Young (Section H8, Drain, Nails) and

NEWS: Sothoris present “Work Of God”…?

The title “Wpiekłowstąpienie” (or “Harrowing Of Hell“) is the one that Polish blackened death metal quintet Sothoris have chosen for their sophomore album, an eight track affair in the bands native tongue with cover artwork painted by Polish artist Bartosz Muszyński. Curiously production was done by Krzysztof Kostencki of Tetra Wave Studio (The Intake Of Glass,

NEWS: Terrorbyte rise from the dead with “Satellite Interference”!

After 16 months of silence following single “Hologram” said to be a single from a forthcoming album “Crimewave“, Terrorbyte have arisen from the grave with a new single in “Satellite Interference“. Whether that record will see the previous singles which feature guest appearances from Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas and Frankie Palmeri of Emmure

NEWS: Demonstealer present “An Epoch Of Degradation”!

Featuring guest appearances from Krzysztof Klingbein of Deathspawn and Anton Zhikharev of Gorgasm, the second single “An Epoch Of Degradation” from the the second EP from Demonstealer titled “The Holocene Termination” has surfaced. The EP is the work of multi instrumentalist Sahil Makhija also known for his work in Demonic Resurrection, Reptilian Death and Solus

Bootleg: “Nymphetamine” from Cradle Of Filth!

Returning to this summer’s 20th anniversary incarnation of Bloodstock Open Air Festival for another cut from Cradle Of Filth seems like an obvious choice with the band celebrating one week of their new album “Existence Is Futile“, especially as tonight will see the band freshly back from America and at London’s Roundhouse for the album

NEWS: Karybdis announce new EP “Maja Valles” with the title track!

After a trio of albums in a decade of aggression,  the departure of long time guitarist Matthew Lowry saw London Melodic Death Metallers Karybdis recruit long time collaborator Dave Klussmann (Deities, Nervewrecker) before embarking on their next chapter, an EP titled ‘Maja Valles‘ that combines the bands trademark sound with epic orchestration, featuring live strings,

Playthrough: “Say No Word” from Landmvrks!

Now with an official digital guitar tablature book that includes all three albums “Hollow“, “Fantasy” and “Lost In A Wave” available, French Metalcore merchants Landmvrks have let guitarist Nicolas Exposito out of the rehearsal space to record a guitar playthrough video for “Say No Word“. The band have shows a plenty lined up including a

Review: “We All Will Die One Day” by Bone Tower

A project started in early 2021 in Atlantic Canada between seasoned musicians Jonas DeViller (vocals, electronics, lyrics), Sean Carroll (guitar, bass), and Michael Bowers (guitar, bass, vocals) with the sole purpose of creating a cathartic release for built up negative energy that vents all of their frustrations saw Bone Thrower not only conceived but able

The Black Map #184: LVCIFYRE from London!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun or working like a slave? It’s that time of the week once again, when nursing a hangover with hot coffee and aspirin, we talk about one of the lesser lights of heaven in the UK Metal Underground scene in a weekly feature we call The Black Map. This