NEWS: Sablation follow the path to bedlam…

Returning after a five year hiatus, Philadelphia  Pennsylvanian Death Metal duo Sablation  spent the past two years at the grindstone creating 10 new cuts for “The Path to Bedlam“, an Extreme Metal album that is said to cross sub-genre boundaries between Death, Technical Death and Blackened Death and due for release on 13th September. They have submitted  “Evoked Through Obsidian” as evidence for the court ahead of the albums release with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.


The band comment on the concept behind the song: “The lyrics tell the story of Edward Kelley’s growing lust for power as an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Kelley and his accomplice John Dee convinced Queen Elizabeth they could communicate with Angels and learn their language. Kelley then convinced Dee to perform a ritual where they’d have sex with each other’s spouses. This ritual destroyed their relationship and resulted in the impregnation of Dee’s wife. ‘Evoked Through Obsidian’ is emblematic of the many themes throughout SUBLATION’s debut album, The Path to Bedlam; deceit, corruption, and the lies humanity tells itself to justify its horrific acts.

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