Month: August 2022

NEWS: Clamoris offer a window in their nightmares?

Founded in 2017, Clamoris set out to bring to life their vision of neoclassically inspired Extreme Metal. Originally planned as a two-man studio project formed by keyboardist and composer Sami Selkäinaho and vocalist bassist Niko Peräkorpi, but feeling that due to the demanding nature of the songs a full band effort would be highly beneficial.

Playthrough: “Chiaroscuro” from Greylotus!

Baltimore Maryland Progressive Technical Death Metal Greylotus, a quintet who feature in their ranks none other than Drewsif have shared a guitar playthrough video for “Chiaroscuro” from their now one month old album “Dawnfall“. Mixed by Buster Odeholm from Humanity’s Last Breath and featuring a  guest appearance from Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia, if you missed it, you

NEWS: Sylosis premier “Heavy Is The Crown”!

Those who thought that “Cycle Of Suffering” might be a one off return record from Josh Middleton’s Sylosis with his schedule in Architects, it’s time to guess again. The band have announced that they will be releasing a trio of standalone singles with “Heavy Is The Crown” being the first, the decision being to release

NEWS: Revocation and guests unveil “Re-Crucified“!

Continuing the legacy of late The Black Dahlia Murder vocalist Trevor Strnad, Progressive Death Metal titans Revocation have unveiled a second single from their upcoming new album “Netherheaven“. Titled “Re-Crucified“ it sees both Strnad and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher of Cannibal Corpse fame go toe to toe while serving to enhance the hype around the 9th September

NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail return with “1984”!

Russian Deathcore demolishers Slaughter To Prevail have resurfaced with their first new cut since last year’s critically acclaimed sophomore album “Kostolom” in anti-war anthem “1984“. Laced with early Slipknot vibes the cut picks up where the album left off, while continuing to demonstrate the insane vocal abilities of frontman Alex Terrible.

NEWS: Next Door To Heaven wear the disguise?

Currently working in a follow up to their EP “Inside” which features a guest vocal appearance from former Stuck Mojo frontman Lord Nelson, Next Door To Heaven who have now relocated from Russia to California have shared a single in “Disguise“. It marks the first for the group with Mexican bassist Jorge Romo and local

Review: “Blood, Sweat and Stella” by Pintglass

After 2019’s “Way Of The Geeza” announced Pintglass to the World as a Beatdown Deathcore collective with Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Barney Warner of Replacer delivering tongue in cheek humour over a plethora of riffs and pummelling rhythms there seemed to be an air of a time limited side project to Pintglass

NEWS: New Daath EP in October?

Twelve years after their self titled album, it appears that Atlanta Georgia Industrial tinged Death Metal act Daath will be releasing a new EP in October. Mixed and mastered by Jens Borgen (Sepultura, At The Gates) and with percussion from Septicflesh drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, the record will feature bassist Jeremy Creamer, vocalist Sean Zatorsky