Month: August 2022

NEWS: Spawn Of Psychosis go in search of evidence…?

Continuing to waterfall release singles on a regular basis, Spawn of Psychosis have unveiled their third of 2022 in “Proof Of Diagnosis“. A band known for blending Thrash with Punk and Industrial elements who have shared stages with German Industrial Metal pioneers KMFDM as well as Mortiis in their time, they have been re-incarnated a

Rabidfest 2022: Breaking Down The Bands #10: Bleed Again!

After the pure speculation of Sunday’s guess the mystery headliner piece in which we suggested that Despised Icon, Crowbar, Conjurer, Cryptosis or Send More Paramedics could bring the curtain down on this years incarnation of Rabidfest it’s time to get back to reality. Who is actually playing the festival?! We’ve talked our way around #9

Review: “Show Me The Signs” by Rituals

One day short of a calendar year after their debut EP “Awake” dropped, Newcastle’s Rituals return with a sophomore record in “Show Me The Signs” which takes the heavier sound that the band showcased following their initial trio of singles in  “P.O.V“, “Snakes Head” and “False Royal“ and runs with it. Having received widespread praise

Playthrough: “Inertia” from Sentinels!

Showing some love for Vein, New Jersey Progressive Metalcore outfit Sentinels have shared a drum playthrough video for “Inertia” from Dave Rucki via label home SharpTone Records. The cut appears on the bands debut full-length album”Collapse by Design” and has surfaced just days after the band wrap up a tour run with Enterprise Earth, Within

Documentary: Misery Index on Bus Invaders!

Having unleashed one of the finest Death Metal albums of the year in “Complete Control“,  Maryland Baltimore’s Misery Index are the latest band to let the Digital Tour Bus cameras on board their touring vehicle for a fresh episode of “Bus Invaders“. Filmed back in May outside the Cobra Lounge in Chicago Illinois during the

NEWS: Fit For An Autopsy share Lamb Of God cover!

Proving why Lamb Of God asked Joe Badolato to fill in for Randy Blythe for some shows when he suffered from the plague in spring, New Jersey Post-Deathcore collective Fit For An Autopsy have shared a cover of “Walk With Me In Hell“. Doing things how they should be done, Lamb Of God have repaid

NEWS: HIVE submit exhibit A, “Phobos”?

The final cut of the eight track debut album “Exuviae“, re-amped, mixed and mastered by none other than Buster Odeholm of Humanity’s Last Breath is the subject of this evidence submitted by HIVE to the court in music video format from director Spencer Lestina. “Phobos” is the title of the work from the DJentlemen who

Bootleg: “Shadowminds” from The Halo Effect!

It’s seems incredible but Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany reached its 31st incarnation this summer. There to celebrate were Swedish Melodic Death Metal Supergroup The Halo Effect, four parts former members of In Flames alongside Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael Stanne who offer a path the the roots of the Gothenburg Sound with their debut

Playthrough: “Eulogy” from Sublation!

After four singles we are already well versed in the upcoming debut album of Sublation but for  one half of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Death Metal act the pressure remains on. Tasked with recording a drum playthrough video, Danny Piselli makes it look easy, decimating the weak with “Eulogy“. The album, titled “The Path To Bedlam”