Month: December 2022

Playthrough: “Syzygy” from Greylotus!

Baltimore, Maryland Technical Progressive Death Metallers Greylotus were the surprise of UK Tech-Fest back in the summer, giving us cuts from their debut album “Dawnfall” just its release. Guitarist Ben Towles has plucked “Syzygy” from the record for a playthrough video while showcasing Tech-Fest merch in a subliminal message that reminds us that the 10th

Playthrough: Full set from Signs Of The Swarm!

Filmed on the Baltimore Sound Stage stop of their run with Fit For An Autopsy, Ingested, Enterprise Earth, and Great American Ghost, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Signs Of The Swarm drummer Jimmy Pino battering twelve shades of s*** out of Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth 5B Sticks, Evans Drumheads and Roland Electronics.

Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Sydney Australia!

Does Metallic Hardcore get better than Kublai Khan? Here’s a pro-shot full set from the band  headlining the Sydney side show at The Burdekin Hotel, Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 8th November with audio mixed by Elliott Gallart at The Chameleon sound. They will not only be playing Resurrection Fest in Spain next summer but before

NEWS: Murder Afloat find space to waste?

It’s been a 12 months since their last confession but the return of Port Charlotte Florida, Murder Afloat (the artists formerly known as Murder Afloat Savannah) with a new cut titled “Waste Of Space” is a breath of polluted air. Their first since December 2021 EP “From The Other Side” it continues to ask the

Documentary: Devastator tour diary circa 2019!

All content creators including ourselves know that from time to time things get lost or forgotten. A response to an email that you didn’t see, a misplaced memory card with video footage, some notes written on the back of a napkin at a service station that you can’t locate when you get home. Devastator have

Review: “Somewhere Between Order and Chaos” by Ephemera

A band comprised of musicians with a wealth of experience in other bands who know the highs and lows of the underground scene and have felt every frustration, Ephemera consider themselves a Yorkshire based Hardcore band and have trodden the boards with everyone from Last Hounds and Hell Can Wait to Thrown Into Exile since the

NEWS: 2023 is hotting up for Deathfiend!

Birmingham Old School Death Metal Crust Punk trio Deathfiend have announced a string of shows for 2023 with a myriad of different support acts barricading the doors to ensure that no one leaves before the end. Each one is of course a celebration of their debut album “Beyond Life” which is out now via Gruesome

NEWS: Silent Generation scream “One Shot Lay Flat”!

Shot and edited by Ondřej Plecháč, Slamming Nu Beatdown Deathcore outfit Silent Generation from Prague Czech Republic have pleaded the fifth amendment and shared a music video for new single “One Shot Lay Flat” which features Final Words and Throwback. The cut is their fourth since 2021 album “36 Rampage Avenue” and as Deathcore enthusiasts