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NEWS: Dead End Finland scatter to the four winds?

Finnish melodic metal band Dead End Finland have returned with a new single and music video, the first from an as yet named and undated mystery fifth studio album set for later this year via Inverse Records. The cut is titled “Northern Winds” and suggests that singles “Beyond The Distance” and “Wounded & Bleeding” which have

NEWS: Dead End Finland return with “Beyond The Distance”!

Back in September Finnish Melodic Metal quartet Dead End Finland released a new single entitled “Wounded & Bleeding“ said to be the first from a then recently recorded and unnamed EP said to be set for an early 2021 release via Inverse Records. However eight long months on and we have nothing… until now! The label

NEWS: Dead End Finland are “Wounded & Bleeding”!

Finnish Melodic Metal quartet Dead End Finland have released a new single entitled “Wounded & Bleeding“, the first cut from a new recently recorded EP set for an early 2021 release via Inverse Records. The bands previous record “Inter Vivos” may have been released in January 2020 but it was actually recorded, mixed and mastered

Review: “Inter Vivos” by Dead End Finland

“Inter Vivos“, meaning a life-long commitment which only expires due to the death of the other party, is the name that Dead End Finland have chosen for their forth studio album, which has been an incredible three years in the making. It follows 2011’s “Stain Of Grace“, 2013’s “Season of Withering” and 2016’s “Slaves to

NEWS: Dead End Finland to release “Inter Vivos”!

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at D-Studio by their keyboard player Jarno Hänninen, 24th January will see three years of hard work come to an end as Dead End Finland see their fourth studio album “Inter Vivos” released. To keep fans warm, 2018 saw a trio of singles from the album appear, including this music video