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Bootleg: “Creeping Death” from Crisix!

The party has started for Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix as new album “Full HD” has been launched by Listenable Recordings into the seven seas of Metal so playing World Needs Mosh Fest 2022 in Bilbao Spain the band have shared footage of a jam of “Creeping Death” by Metallica which sees them joined by Evile

The Black Map: #2 Waylander from Armagh!

Continuing our journey around the United Kingdom of Metal, we head from Aberdeen to Armagh to check out some Waylander. Describing themselves as “Pagan Metal”, the Northern Irish band fuse folk elements with Thrashier sounds to make their own style in the same way that Alestorm do. Their critically acclaimed album “Kindred Spirits” maybe nearly