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Playthrough: “Deadwood” from Sylosis!

Putting ESP Guitars, D’addario Strings and STL tonality to the best possible use, Josh Middleton shows us how to rip through new Sylosis single “Deadwood” in this new guitar playthrough video. The cut is of course the first new material from the band since their Nuclear Blast debut “Cycle Of Suffering” with Middleton himself promising

Playthrough: “Council Of Wyrms” from Gloomweaver!

As if you’d forgotten just how damn good “Dragged Back To The Waking World” by misery infused Deathcore merchants of apocalyptic doom Gloomweaver actually is, the band have issued a timely reminder with a guitar playthrough video for “Council Of Wyrms“. If you’ve somehow missed this one because you’ve been trapped in a damp, dark

NEWS: Vitalivour trapped in the catacombs?

As the end of the rainy season of April fast approaches, Utah Death Metal project Vitalivour have unleashed a second single to follow October released, very well received and cunningly titled debut EP “Part One“. This new one is titled “Brain Chaos Labyrinth” and explores the experiences of bipolar disorder and PTSD which mastermind Joshua

Playthrough: “Descending Blade” from Warbringer!

As a subtle reminder of their imminent quartet of shows upon our shore, three of which will see Hellripper in tow, Drummers Of Hell have dropped dedicated drum cam footage of Warbringer tub thumper Carlos Cruz hammering his way through the classic that is “Descending Blade“. The cut was part of the bands performance in

Playthrough: “Resist, Revolt” from Drowning in Blood!

Three months after the music video premiered, Montreal Quebec Canadian Thrash three piece Drowning In Blood have allowed drummer Noah Muller out of the basement to give us a playthrough video for “Resist, Revolt“, a cut not to be confused with “Refuse/Resist” by Sepultura. If you like what you hear, we recommend checking out their

Playthrough: “This Place Only Brings Death” from Heart Of A Coward!

Having wrapped up sessions for the recording of their fifth album in December with George Lever (Monuments, Sleep Token, Loathe), two weeks after the first single reveal comes a guitar playthrough video shot by ThisCityIsOurs vocalist Oli Duncanson. Titled “This Place Only Brings Death” it has all of us held in suspense as to when

Playthrough: “The Verdict” from itSELF!

Now comprising a collection of seasoned veteran musicians known for their work in Sinister, Belphegor, The Monolith Deathcult, Obsidious, Obscura and Psycroptic, the return of itSELF is set for 26th May with “The Absence“. An album of eight vicious cuts, first single “The Verdict” has been given a guitar playthrough video…

Playthrough: “Yggdrasil” from Evilon!

What happens when you get inspired by Norse mythology and have a deep rooted love of Death Metal? You created a band called Evilon and write songs like “Yggdrasil“, that’s what. Vocalist and guitarist Jonny Sjodin gives us a run through of the bands latest offering with his weapon of choice being a Solar Guitars

Playthrough: “Hellucid” from Inhuman Condition!

A man of many projects when Jeramie Kling isn’t playing with Venom Inc or doing engineering in a studio somewhere, he’s behind the kid for Inhuman Condition. Leading the revival of 80’s Florida Death Metal the band are compromised of a trio of seasoned veterans who have been or are part of Ex Deo, The

Playthrough: “No Rest No End” from Dååth!

It seems like the return of Dååth after 12 years has a slow release valve that’s going to see new material fed to us as we wait like a patient on an IV drip by Metal Blade Records. Their first single “No Rest No End“, which accompanied the news of their reunion (in part as