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Playthrough: “I Will Return” from Earth Caller!

Prior to the release of their EP “There Are Things Worse Than Death” the though of Misstiq joining any band, let alone Earth Caller seemed unlikely. But the woman who has made her name augmenting Deathcore with Symphonic elements has given the band a new edge momentum as you can witness yourself in this drum

Playthrough: “Levitate” from Bleed From Within!

Judging by the background, attire and general demeanour of both Craig “Goonzi” Gowan’s and Steven Jones from Glaswegian Metalcore merchants Bleed From Within it seems pretty clear that all their recent guitar playthrough videos for Neural DSP that showcase the Quad Cortex were recordered in the same session. Not that that is a bad thing, especially as

Playthrough: “Hell Or High Water” from My Hollow!

For some guitarists, allowing your bass player to write some riffs is beyond the pale but not for Canadians My Hollow as in this new playthrough video for “Hell Or High Water” guitarist Danio Pirrone actually plays the guitar parts originally written by bassist Sean De Faria. A six stringer just fainted. The cut is one

Playthrough: “Copycat” from Jinjer!

After cancelling tours to remain in their homeland and help those in need, Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have shared a playthrough video for “Copycat” from drummer Vladislav “Vladi” Ulasevich as he is once again  armed for the apocalypse with gear from Tama, Evans, Promark, ACD Limited and Zildjian. Directed by Kadim Tarasov it’s all filmed

Playthrough: “SoulRetch” from Symphony Of Heaven!

One of those bands that have a name that makes you think they’re something other than what they actually are, Symphony Of Heaven are celebrating the release of their 2021 record with a guitar playthrough for “SoulRetch“. That album is titled “Maniacal Entropik Discordium“, one which lyrically dabbles in the darker and more extreme parts

Playthrough: “The Flood” from Tyrannus!

After the success of their demo EP “It Taketh“, Scottish Blackened Death Metal outfit Tyrannus inked a deal with True Cult Records for “Unslayable“, their debut full length. Multi instrumentalist and main song writer Callum John Cant (guitars, bass, vocals) recorded cuts in demo form and now is the hour for bassist Alistair Harley to show what he’s

Playthrough: “Comfort In Familiar Pain” from Sentinels!

Still suffering from Unsound Recollections, New Jersey technical polyrhythmic purveyors Sentinels have been lucky enough to have SharpTone Records release an instrumental version of their 2021 album “Collapse By Design” everywhere that is worth finding it. So They’ve put Thomas Cardone and Chris Dombrowski under the spotlight for a many stringed guitar playthrough video for

Playthrough: “Administer The Dagger” from Misery Index!

Perfectly timed to coincide with the release of their seventh studio album and first with Century Media “Complete Control“, Misery Index have given us a guitar playthrough video for “Administer The Dagger” from the record curtesy of Mark Kloeppel. An absolute stunner of an album, we scored it a 9/10 in review earlier this week

Playthrough: “Fear Doubles The Blast” from Kalahari!

Armed for the Apocalypse with a pair of seven string guitars in B standard tuning, Gino and Gabri from Kalahari playthrough the riff feast that “Fear Doubles The Blast“. The single from the Italian quintet who often play on social and existential lyrical themes is their first of 2022 having given us a trio in 2021

Playthrough: “Nightmare” from Within Destruction!

Having reduced venues to rubble during their whirlwind tour of the United Kingdom in April, Deathcore champions Within Destruction have returned to last months single “Nightmare” for a guitar playthrough video from their all powerful overlord Howard Fang. This one appears before their Australian tour with Signs Of The Swarm and Teeth that looks to