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Playthrough: “Human Target” by Thy Art Is Murder!

Australian Deathcore heavyweights Thy Art Is Murder may have had a line up change at the drum stool for the Will Putney produced “Human Target” but in Jesse Beahler they have found musician to match their skills. In this playthrough video recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Seid at Graphic Nature Audio, he demonstrates that

Playthrough: “Davidian” by Machine Head!

Filmed on 2nd November 2019 at the first of the Brixton Academy London England shows from Machine Head, drummer Chris Kontos has shared this playthrough video of “Davidian” in all its glory. The band will be back at the iconic venue in June at the 25th Anniversary Tour for “Burn My Eyes” continues with bassist

Playthrough: Full set from Kissing Candice!

There are just 5 days remaining of the crowd funding campaign for the sophomore full length album and follow up to the Stay Sick Recordings EP “Safe Word” for Long Island New York Horror themed Industrial Metallers Kissing Candice. So here’s drum cam footage from sticksman Pak Man (who may not be able to see

Playthrough: Full set from Vein!

Who has stopped spinning the Will Putney Produced “Errorzone” by Vein? It may have had critics saying it was a lot like the 1999 self titled album from Slipknot and the band saying that to them, it’s just Hardcore, but one thing is for certain. It’s pretty damn good. Here’s the drum cam footage from

Playthrough: “Fade” by Arcaeon… In 8-bit!

Continuing their wealth of social media output while they finish up their long in the works debut full length album that was originally slated for October 2019, Arcaeon have put drummer Joe Farrell in the spotlight for a playthrough of “Fade“. It’s slowed down so he can accompany an 8-bit faircom chipset remix of the

Playthrough: “Crown Of Misery” from Bleed From Within!

If playing drums with Bleed From Within wasn’t enough, Ali Richardson as been pulling double duties with Sylosis. He’s dropped a playthrough video for “Crown Of Misery” complete with Santa suit from Bleed From Within’s set at Turbinenhalle Oberhausen, their last show of the decade. No triggers, no samples, no editing, no cheating.

Playthrough: “Animus” by Monuments #2!

Recorded just three weeks after he rejoined the band following surgery and injury recovery, drummer Mike Mylan has recorded a playthrough for Monuments recent single “Animus“. Recorded at Babylon Studio with Tomas Raclavsky handling the Engineering and Brandon Baily handling the camera work, the band are currently on a European Tour with Heart of a

Playthrough: full set from Year Of The Knife!

The second of the full sets of drum cam footage from the final Back to School Jam at White Eagle Hall in New Jersey on 7th September 2019 sees Andrew Kisielewski, otherwise known as the drummer of Delaware straight edge crew Year of the KnifeĀ get up close and personal with the hate5six cameras. “Ultimate Aggression”

Playthrough: “Messenger” from Breakdowns At Tiffany’s!

While we wait for the upcoming and highly anticipated new album “Eternal Lords” from the brilliantly named Breakdowns At Tiffany’s, axe wielding duo Sebastian Dirckes and Florian Franzen have stepped out from Mega Blaster Recordings where the album is being Recorded, Mixed and Mastered to recorded a guitar playthrough for recent single “Messenger“.  

Playthough: Full Set from Most Precious Blood!

Pro-Shot by hate5six here’s the Most Precious Blood drum cam from their set at the final Back to School Jam in White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey on 7th September 2019. Whether the absence of Rob Fusco from the line up means no new material or not, the band seem intent to resume