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Playthrough: “Vagabond” from Besomora!

They may hail from Sydney Australia but Melodic Death Metal outfit Besomora have roots in Slavic mythology. They have made the best use of a pair of guests in Tobi Morelli of Archspire and Joe Haley of Psycroptic on their impressive December released EP “Delusional Monster” but curiously have chosen opening cut “Vagabond” for a

Playthrough: “Consequence” from Esodic!

Newton’s Third Law of Action & Reaction states that for every action or force in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction, something that Middle East Death Thrash purveyors Esodic have taken to heart with “Consequence“. That’s the first single from their 22nd May releasing EP “De Facto De Jure” and so because they’re

Playthrough: “Theogony” from Rings Of Saturn!

Having confirmed that after two years gracing the drum stool Ryan Sinnott is indeed their main squeeze, Rings Of Saturn have shared a live drum playthrough for their new single, “Theogony”. A raw and volatile performance unedited and without studio alteration it’s a demonstration of the shape of punk to come from the Technical Death

Playthrough: “Forsaken” from Obscura!

Directed by Mirko Witzki and recorded at ENGL showroom in Remscheid Germany, Obscura guitarist duo Steffen Kummerer and Christian Münzner playthrough “Forsaken” from the bands latest studio album “A Valediction“. A record so good Nuclear Blast released a live album for it in celebration that captures the band in North America while the band have

Playthrough: “Over and Over” from Currents!

As Currents finish their final preparations for the 1st February start of their European headlining tour in Munich Germany with Sentinels, Being As An Ocean and Oceans Ate Alaska in support of their album “The Death We Seek“, the band have shared an Ibanez endorsed guitar playthrough video for “Over and Over“. The Americans have upgraded

Playthrough: “Fall of the Firmament” from Slaughtersun!

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction because who, aside from those in the know would have put together members of  Thank You Scientist, Tombstoner and Cranial Damage in a New Jersey Death Metal act called Slaughtersun? If it had been New York then we could understand but New Jersey? Anyway… the band have a debut

Playthrough: “Heartless” from Anubis!

Los Angeles Power Thrash maniacs Anubis have let guitarists Eleazar Llerenas (Delusional Fate) and Justin Escamilla (Tower Guard) go wild with “Heartless” from the bands upcoming M-Theory Audio releasing album “Dark Paradise” for your viewing pleasure. A 24th February release recorded at Notes From Underground Studios before being mixed by Josh Franks (Once Human, Railgun,

Playthrough: “Seed Of Death” from Nervosa!

What do the bassist and backing vocalist of Symphonic Black Metal band W.E.B., the vocalist of Death Metal band AfterBlood, the vocalist and bassist of Black Metal band Christfuck and Darcode have in common? They’re all the same person, Hel Pyre. She has was announced as the new Nervosa bassist in March 2023 and has

Playthrough: “Mechanical Motions” by Omnivortex!

A close contender for one of our converted top #5 albums of the year that was 2023, “Circulate” from Helsinki Finland Technical Blackened Death metallers Omnivortex was a September release via Inverse Records and the gift that keeps giving. The band tasked bassist Mikael Reinikka with keeping up the promotional campaign and so he picked

Playthrough: “Nostalgia” from Arimea!

A one take guitar playthrough video for “Nostalgia” from Arimea strings master Tom Cooper has been submitted in evidence to the online court. The judgement is that not only is he ready for the bands upcoming show but he’s going to give some of the myriad of other guitarists on his stage a run for